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A presentation to the Guild, by Brad Manera


At the beginning of each year we strive to bring Guild members a talk on a subject of interest.

In February 2019 we are proud to announce that we are once again flying down one of Australia’s most qualified and highly regarded historians, Brad Manera, Senior Historian/Curator at the Anzac Memorial, Hyde Park, Sydney.


Brad’s presentation to the Guild is at 7.00pm on February 25th and will be as follows:



An Australian at iSandlwana!



On 22nd January 1879 just over 1800 British and colonial troops faced in excess of 20,000 Zulu warriors. The British were not victorious.

Walking the battlefield today, in the ruggedly beautiful hinterland of Natal, it is difficult to escape trying to imagine the sense of doom the last few dozen survivors must have shared as they stood back to back without ammunition, bayonets fixed, grimly facing an overwhelming foe that they knew did not take prisoners. Rallying them at their centre was 27-year-old Lt Edgar Anstey. He must have felt a long way from his family home in Adelaide!


We request that Guild members make an extra effort to attend this unique evening and to bring and display relevant items from your collection; such as Zulu War related weapons & artifacts – Assegais, shields, Martini Henry rifles & carbines, other rifles of that period both military & hunting, plus edged weapons & miscellanea the scope is large. This is once again an excellent opportunity to have an expert of Mr. Manera’s standing to comment on items that you have.


Your committee has worked hard to secure Mr. Manera for a second year for this special presentation and now it is up to Guild members, you! to ensure that the evening is a success for all.


Following Brad’s talk and presentation and viewing of your display a light supper will be served.


Proposed Combined Guild/Vintagers Rifle Shoot in 2019


A proposal has been made to the Guild Committee that a combined Guild/Vintagers rifle target shoot be held. This event would be held either Saturday 27th April or Saturday 31st August of 2019 and it would be conducted at the SSAA Bendigo Range at Marong (1 hours from central Melbourne).


The Range will be hired by the Vintagers with no personnel attending other than Guild or Vintagers financial members. There will be no attendance fee charged and 50m pistol targets, target frames, benches, safety glasses, and ear muffs provided free of charge.  If you do not wish to use a free 50m pistol target then you can purchase a target of your choice from the SSAA Range.


Shooting will be conducted out to 100m only and hopefully we can devise a friendly competition between the two clubs.


Complimentary tea and coffee but you will be required to bring your own food.


The Range will be open from 10:00am to 4:00pm with no restriction on any registered category A or B rifle apart from .50BMG or .338LAPUA. Black Powder is most welcome.


The Range will be under the control of the SSAA Range Manager and there will be other SSAA Range Officers in attendance to assist with sighting in and the like.


A clay target thrower will be available for anyone who wishes to bring along their Side-by-Side shotgun (definitely U/O lever action).


There are 24 benches available which will accommodate 48 shooters.


Whether it is to be held or not depends upon the number of members of each club that would like to participate


All members interested in participating are asked to contact the Guild Secretary by email on info@armscollectorsguild.com or by phone during office hours (03) 9584 2907 by January 31 2019 so that we can ascertain if sufficient participants will be present to make it worthwhile.


Please note that all rifles/shotguns used must be held on an A/B licence and that means no rifles/shotguns held on a Collectors Licence are permitted. This will be enforced.







Monday Night Themes for 2019


January 28, Edged weapons, (Noel Hall Award Night).


February 25, Talk by Brad Manera. Members will be asked to bring along Anglo-Zulu War items.


March 25, Accoutrements, (Noel Hall Award Night)


April 29, European arms – non British, (Noel Hall Award Night)


May 27, American handguns, (Noel Hall Award Night)


June 24, British sporting and military longarms, (Noel Hall Award Night)


July 29, Naval and cavalry weapons of all nations, (Noel Hall Award Night)


August 26, Annual General Meeting.


September 30, Buy & Sell Night - Books, parts, odds & sods. (No registered firearms).


October 28, Show us your junk. Bring along a battered relic (that doesn’t include yourself).


November 25, - Amy items of interest. Supper provided.


Correction to Last Issue


The announcement of the Guild’s AGM was incorrectly headed GUILD ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING HELD 28/8/2017 when in fact it should have read GUILD ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING HELD 25/8/2018. The other details reported remain unchanged.



Request for Members’ Email Addresses


The Guild plans to provide direct notification of the latest issues of Very Light and any other news that might be of interest to collectors. So if you wish to make use of this facility then please send us your email addresses.


It is quite simple to subscribe to this service just send your name and current membership number by email to info@armscollectorsguild.com . We will place your email address on our list and you will get direct notification in your email.


This additional service will not replace the current system of posting the latest issues and news on the Guild’s website nor the regular mail out of printed material to those without internet access.



Name Badges


Members are reminded that the Guild is taking orders for name badges for members. The cost is $15.00. The badge is depicted below



If you want one and haven’t ordered it please contact the Secretary by telephone on 9584 2907, or by email at – cupfire1@ozemail.com.au





Advertisements in Very Light


Members are reminded that they can place advertisements in Very Light if they have items for sale.


There isn’t any charge but people offering registerable firearms are reminded that the actual transaction must be carried out through a licensed dealer. We suggest that for security purposes anyone wishing to advertise items for sale should keep their contact details brief such as just first name and land line or mobile number.


If you are seeking a particular item then you may also run an advertisement free of charge. Again we suggest for security that you restrict the contact detail to your name, landline or mobile number or an email address.


If you want to run an advertisement please contact the Secretary by telephone on 9584 2907, or by email at – cupfire1@ozemail.com.au




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