Very Light Magazine is a magazine of The Antique & Historical Arms Collectors Guild of Victoria, Inc                                                                       No 103 October 2019




It is with sadness we inform members of the death of Ian Turner who passed away on the 11 of September. Ian was President of the Guild from 2007 until 2016.


He became President at a time when collectors were still reeling from the changes to the legislation concerning antique firearms introduced in 2003 and he steered us through the difficult times we faced as the changes came into effect. During this time his professional training as a lawyer was of great benefit to us as the committee grappled with the procedural changes forced upon us.


Ian was a long time shooter and collector. This background coupled with his deep understanding of legislation concerning firearms gave the Guild expertise which we needed. On a more personal note he was a man with a keen sense of humour and a good friend. He will be very much missed by those who knew him.


The Guild extends our condolences to his wife Fiona and his family.




Guild Committee 2019 – 2020


At the Annual General Meeting held on the 26th of August the Guild Committee comprising the following members was elected.


President, Eric Estlin, Vice President, Adrian Roads, Secretary, Dr Malcolm McKay, Treasurer, Kevin Saunders; Editor, Barry Thomas, Committee Members; Chris Cosopodiotis, Barry Thomas, John Accardo, David Henderson and David Pearce.


Major Noel Hall Award


The President presented the winners of the Major Noel Hall Award with their prizes. The entries in the award displays have been of a consistent high standard and we hope that the award will continue to attract fine entries.


1st. Place and a prize of $500.00, Eric Estlin


2nd Place and a prize of $300, Adrian Roads


3rd. Place and a prize of $100.00, Clyde Barden


We thank the other exhibitors – Rees Young, Frank Hunter, Dave Wallace, Geoff Sayer, Barry Thomas, Bob Bates, Andrew Moran, Bob Newton, Kevin Oates, Bruce Phillips, Peter Ruse, Brian Staniforth and Craig Little for their participation during the year and helping to make the Monday meetings interesting events to attend.


It was moved by Eric Estlin and seconded by Gordon Morgan that Dr Malcolm McKay be elected an Honorary Life Member of the Antique & Historical Arms Collectors Guild of Victoria for his service as Secretary since 2004.




Monday Night Themes for 2019


October 28: Show us your junk. Bring along a battered relic (that doesn’t include yourself).


November 25: Any items of interest. Supper provided.


Monday Night Themes for 2020


January 27: American arms all periods and types. (Noel Hall Award Night)


February 24: Talk: Barry Thomas will present The Art of the Japanese Sword. A supper will be provided.


March 30: Double barrel guns both longarms and pistols. (Noel Hall Award Night)


April 27: Edged Weapons. (Noel Hall Award Night)


May 25: Captain Cook Era. (Noel Hall Award Night)


June 29: Bushrangers, Convicts and Police. (Noel Hall Award Night)


July 27: Military rifles – all nations. (Noel Hall Award Night)


August 31: Annual General Meeting. A supper will be provided.


September 28: General displays – all items of interest.


October 26: General buy and sell (no firearms requiring licenses).


November 30: Target rifles and handguns. A supper will be provided.


Annual Membership Subscriptions 2019 -2020


Those members who still haven’t paid their 2019 – 2020 membership fees are reminded that individual reminder letters have been sent. Please ensure that you remain a current member by paying your annual membership fee immediately.

Name Badges



Members are reminded that the Guild is taking orders for name badges for members. The cost is $15.00. The badge is depicted below



If you want one and haven’t ordered it please contact the Secretary by telephone on 9584 2907, or by email at – cupfire1@ozemail.com.au




Advertisements in Very Light


Members are reminded that they can place advertisements in Very Light if they have items for sale.


There isn’t any charge but people offering registerable firearms are reminded that the transaction must be carried out through a licensed dealer. We suggest that for security purposes anyone wishing to advertise items for sale should keep their contact details brief such as just first name and land line or mobile number.


If you are seeking an item, then you may also run an advertisement free of charge. Again, we suggest for security that you restrict the contact detail to your name, landline or mobile number or an email address.


If you want to run an advertisement please contact the Secretary by telephone on 9584 2907, or by email at – cupfire1@ozemail.com.au



Request for Members’ Email Addresses


The Guild is attempting to provide direct notification of the latest issues of Very Light and any other news that might be of interest to collectors. If you wish to make use of this facility, then please send us your email addresses.


It is quite simple to subscribe to this service just send your name and current membership number by email to info@armscollectorsguild.com . We will place your email address on our list, and you will get direct notification in your email.


This additional service will not replace the current system of posting the latest issues and news on the Guild’s website nor the regular mail out of printed material to those without internet access.

The Guild is also planning a major update of the website to bring it into line with current practice.


The Guild commenced this initiative to obtain members’ email addresses some time ago, but response has been very limited which is disappointing. In fact, the number of people who still receive Very Light in hard copy exceeds those who receive it by email.


In accordance with the Guild Committee’s desire to extend the direct email of Very Light to our members, one of our committee members John Accardo 0417 577 773 will progressively contact by phone Guild members who haven’t provided an email contact to ask if they would like to be included on the list.


Wanted to Buy


Rifle sling for a 577.450 Martini Henry.


Contact Gordon 0490 498 714.






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