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Request for Members’ Email Addresses


The Guild plans to provide direct notification of the latest issues of Very Light and any other news that might be of interest to collectors. So if you wish to make use of this facility then please send us your email addresses.


It is quite simple to subscribe to this service just send your name and current membership number by email to  info@armscollectorsguild.com . We will place your email address on our list and you will get direct notification in your email.


This additional service will not replace the current system of posting the latest issues and news on the Guild’s website nor the regular mail out of printed material to those without internet access.




Guild Committee 2018 – 2019


At the Annual General Meeting held on the 25th of August the Guild Committee comprising the following members was elected.


President, Eric Estlin, Vice President, Adrian Roads, Secretary, Dr Malcolm McKay, Treasurer, Kevin Saunders; Assistant Secretary ,Winston Chandler, Editor, Barry Thomas, Media Officer, David Kitchen, Committee Members; Chris Cosopodiotis, Barry Thomas, Peter Ruse, John Accardo, David Henderson and David Pearce.





Major Noel Hall Award


The President presented the winners of the Major Noel Hall Award with their prizes. The entries in the award displays have been of a consistent high standard and we hope that the award will continue to attract fine entries.


1st. Place and a prize of $500.00, Winston Chandler


2nd Place and a prize of $300, A tie between Eric Estlin and Adrian Roads who each received a prize of $150.00


3rd. Place and a prize of $100.00, Clyde Barden


We thank the other exhibitors – Eric Estlin, Vincent & Kevin McLauchlan, Bob Bates, Steve Salm, Peter Ruse, Rees Young, Winston Chandler, Bruce Phillips, Barry Thomas and Dave Wallace for their participation during the year and helping to make the Monday meetings interesting events to attend.


Monday Night Themes for 2018



29 October - Show us your junk. Bring along a battered relic (that doesn’t include yourself).


26 November - Hunting & Foraging. Supper provided.




Request for Information from Mark Wright


Wilson Capping Breach Loading Carbine 1864


Tasmanian researcher Mark Wright is researching the Wilson capping breach loading carbine, in particular the Wilson carbines issued to Tasmania in 1864. Mark would appreciate any information you may have. So if you have a Wilson rifle or carbine, please contact Mark Wright at email: jo.markwright@yahoo.com.au or by telephone 0438 709 876.




Name Badges


Members are reminded that the Guild is taking orders for name badges for members. The cost is $15.00. The badge is depicted below



If you want one and haven’t ordered it please contact the Secretary by telephone on 9584 2907, or by email at – cupfire1@ozemail.com.au




Advertisements in Very Light


Members are reminded that they can place advertisements in Very Light if they have items for sale.


There isn’t any charge but people offering registerable firearms are reminded that the actual transaction must be carried out through a licensed dealer. We suggest that for security purposes anyone wishing to advertise items for sale should keep their contact details brief such as just first name and land line or mobile number.


If you are seeking a particular item then you may also run an advertisement free of charge. Again we suggest for security that you restrict the contact detail to your name, landline or mobile number or an email address.


If you want to run an advertisement please contact the Secretary by telephone on 9584 2907, or by email at – cupfire1@ozemail.com.au



Wanted to Buy


I would like to purchase a top quality Pattern 1903 SMLE bayonet and scabbard with the internally permanently attached frog, or just the scabbard and attached frog only. Phone John on (03) 5821 3192, please send photos to jobah@bigpond.com


For Sale



.577 cal. 30.5” Barrel with bayonet lug.

Excellent bore, VR Cypher, Tower 1860.

Mark 11** breech, 85% original blue finish.

V.G. profiles & markings, complete with swivels, rod and leather sling.




26 1/2” blade, grey finish and light staining.

Ricasso has Crown over S over 8 and A. & E.H. (A & E Holler of Solingen, Prussia.)

Plain sheet steel guard. Chequered hard leather grips.

To suit Snider Enfield Naval Rifle.





Gun Books For Sale


A Study of Colt Conversions and other percussion revolvers. Hard back, Bruce Mc Dowell, $300.

Modern Firearm Engravings. hardback, Mario Albiotico. $100.

Mauser Military Rifles of the World. hardback, Robt. Ball. $50.

Arms in the Service of Queensland 1859 – 1901. hardback, J S Robinson. $50.

Small Arms of the World, 8th Edit. hard back, J E Smith $30.

Small Arms of the World, 30th Anniversary Edition, hardback J E Smith $50.

Firearm Blueing and Browning. hardback, R H Angier $20.

Colt Firearms from 1836. hardback, James Serven $50.

The Shooting Field – 150 Years with Holland and Holland. hardback, $50.


Contact: Eric 0410 558 067



Gun Books for Sale


All books are currently in Gippsland. They can be brought to Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, or individual books posted (at buyer’s expense). The prices are negotiable, particularly if you are buying multiples The books are used - in fair or better condition, most in very good condition. Hardbacks have dustcovers unless stated. Happy to provide more detail, photos etc, for individual books (preferably not those in box).


Box of Books: $30 the lot – not really interested in splitting these, some are definitely in used condition.


Sporting Shooter, Jan-Feb 1963, softback, 1963

Guns & Shooting - Calibres, Projectiles, Makes. softback

Antique Arms & Militaria, Vol. 2, No 4 Jan 1980, softback, 1980

Antique Arms & Militaria, Vol. 2 No 3 Dec 1979, softback, 1979

Cartridges for Rifles, Pistols, Antiques, softback, Cyril Waterworth

American Antique Guns & Current Prices, softback, 1955-56, Martin Rywell

Catalogue of Firearms – Museum Victoria, hardback, 1949, E.H Penrose

Early American Firearms, (no cover), hardback, 1950, Robert Abels

Museum of Historical Arms catalogue 17, softback

Museum of Historical Arms catalogue 6, softback, 1955

Portrait of Lord Nelson, hardback, 1959, Oliver Warner

Nelson & the Age of Fighting Sail, (no cover), hardback, 1963, Oliver Warner

Uniforms of Trafalgar, softback, 1977, Fabb & Cassin-Scott


Books for sale individually.


Illustrated Encyclopedia of Firearms, hardback, 1978 $40

Smith & Wesson Hand Guns 2nd Ed, hardback, 1958, R.G McHenry & W.F Roper, $40

Early Percussion Firearms, (UK edition?), hardback 1959,Lewis Winant $40

Naval Gun, hardback, 1978, Hogg & Batchelor, $20

The British Dueling Pistol, (no dust cover), hardback, 1978 John Atkinson, $100

Packing Iron – Gunleather of the Frontier West, hardback, 1993, R.C Rattenbury, $160

Weapons of the British Soldier, softback, 1968, Col H.C.B Rogers, $20

Flintlock Pistols, hardback, 1969, F Wilkinson, $90

Handbook for Handloaders, softback, 1958, R.B Tunney, $30

History & Art of Personal Combat 1st Ed, hardback, 1971, Arthur Wise, $60

Gun Digest Treasury 4th Ed, softback, 1966? Ed. J.T Amber, $80

Small Arms of the World 5th Ed (no dustcover), hardback, 1957, W.H.B Smith, $50

British Military Firearms, 1st Edition, hardback, 1961, Howard L Blackmore, $50

Guns, hardback, 1961, Dudley Pope, $40

The National Maritime Museum, softback, 1982, Ed. Basil Greenhill, $40

Hand Guns of the World, softback, 1956, Hy Hunter, $30

United States Military Muskets, Rifles, Carbines, softback, 1951, Martin Rywell, $30

Famous guns from famous collections, Fawcett, softback, 1957, H W Bowman, $20

The Colt Gun Book, Fawcett, softback, 1961, Lucian Cary, $50

Antique Guns, Fawcett, 2nd printing, softback, 1956, HW Bowman, Ed. L Cary, $50

Antique Guns – Arco Handi-books, (no cover), hardback, 1953, Bowman & Cary, $30

Arms & Armour, hardback, 1972, Vesey Norman, $15

Canadian Journal of Arms Collecting Vol. 7, No 2, softback, $20

Book of the Gun, hardback, 1963, Harold Peterson, $20

Hornblower’s Navy, hardback, Steve Pope, $40

Arms & Armour of the Samurai, hardback, 1996, Bottomley & Hopson, $30

Glossary of Construction Decoration Use Arms & Armour Hardback, 1961, G.C Stone, $50


Contact: Kate by email at khaines4@gmail.com






Free to the Right Home


Guild member Bruce Martin was recently cleaning out some old papers and he found among them a Colt factory letter concerning a Colt Model 1878 hammer shot gun which he had sold at one of the Australian Arms Auctions some years ago. If it was bought by one of our members or they know of the person who did then they or the current owner can have the letter to go with the gun – at no charge.


The details of the shot gun are Colt Model 1878 Hammer Shot Gun; Serial Number 4465; 12 gauge. It has a barrel length of 30 inches and a blued finish. It was shipped to the Australian Exhibition on June the 5th, 1880. Included with the letter  is a copy of the original catalogue.


Contact: Bruce Martin on 0408 343 329; .email brunorm@bigpond.net.au


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