Common sense prevails in shotgun debate

5th Novemeber 2015

An attempt by the Federal Government to reclassify the Adler A110 lever action shotgun was rejected on Thursday, 5 November 2015, with some states acknowledging that the reclassification attempt had no merit. Victorian Members of Parliament Jeff Bourman and Daniel Young said this proves that common sense can prevail in the debate over Australia’s gun ownership laws. Both are also members of the Shooters and Fishers Party.

The reclassification was proposed in the wake of the Lindt Café siege despite the offender using an illegal pump action shotgun.

Had the reclassifications been agreed to, all lever action shotguns with a magazine capacity greater than five would have gone from a Category A to a Category D firearm, which is the same as semi-automatic centrefire rifles. As a result, most current lever action shotgun owners would not be able to satisfy the licensing requirements. There is no evidence whatsoever that lever action firearms pose a threat to the community and, in fact, have been around since 1887.

“This is a small victory for common sense” said Mr Bourman, Member for Eastern Victoria Region.

“To try to reclassify these firearms on a premise not based on fact is a slap in the face to the law-abiding shooters who have been using lever action shotguns for all this time with no issues.

“It is also quite gratifying that the states of Australia will stand up for themselves and not be forced into decisions that are at best, illogical.”

Mr Young, Member for Northern Victoria Region, said the outcome on Thursday is a ‘win-win’ result for the minor parties across Australia.

“Collectively, we have worked together to represent the interests of law-abiding firearm owners, and supporters, to achieve a common sense outcome,” Mr Young said. “In addition to the Shooters and Fishers Party representatives in Victoria and New South Wales, also working towards this successful outcome were members of the Katter’s Australian Party in Queensland, Senators for Victoria Ricky Muir, of the Australian Enthusiast Party, and Bridget McKenzie.”

Mr Bourman and Mr Young also congratulated the efforts of the various national shooting organisations that provided submissions in support of the efforts by politicians lobbying on their behalf. They also congratulate every member of the shooting public that took the time to contact their local member or Minister and voice their concerns.

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