Another attack on Collectors - the 2017 National Firearms Agreement


Here we go again. As in 2002, the federal and state governments with the willing help of the police and bureaucrats have decided that instead of enforcing the multitude of laws and regulations we already have to combat crime it is easier to return to their tried and tested publicity grabbing tricks of attacking legal gun owners. And as before we collectors, already the most tightly regulated gun owners have been attacked without any reason.


This latest assault is contained in the recently released 2017 National Firearms Agreement and it demands that all handguns manufactured after 1946 owned by collectors have to be permanently deactivated.




“Item 37:


ii. firearms in a collection which have been manufactured after 1 January 1946 must be rendered inoperable (whether or not they are otherwise only required to be rendered temporarily inoperable according to paragraph 19(b))”


There is no mention of compensation yet this will destroy their value as collectors’ items.


Holders of Category 2 Collectors Licences have been deliberately singled out without any evidence that demonstrates that they are a risk to public safety. Category 2 collectors not only have the highest security requirements but there is no evidence of these collectors being deliberately targeted by criminals, nor has there been any instances reported to the Guild of any of our members who hold Category 2 licences failing to meet the existing regulatory requirements.


All this adds up to another example of the usual government and police trick of picking easy options rather than doing the job they are paid to do which is catching criminals and putting a stop to the smuggling of firearms from overseas by criminal gangs. Is it too much to ask that the police, bureaucrats and politicians who drafted this ill-considered National Firearms Agreement stop attacking law abiding, voting Australians and instead use the vast armoury of regulations they already have to deal with criminals.

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