Very Light Magazine is a magazine of The Antique & Historical Arms Collectors Guild of Victoria, Inc                                                                             No 80 April 2016


Increased Postage Costs for Very Light

As all members will be aware the postage cost of an ordinary letter has risen to one dollar, while next day delivery costs an additional 50 cents.

The committee has decided that we will attempt to cut some of those costs by making more use of the internet where possible in the distribution of Very Light to members. However the committee is also aware that a number of Guild members don’t have access to the internet so we have decided upon a simple solution.


If you don’t have regular access to the internet please advise the Secretary of this by mail at our PO Box 2976 Cheltenham, 3192, or by phone to (03) 9584 2907 during business hours and a printed copy will continue to be posted to you in the usual fashion when it is issued.


For members with internet access there is no need to advise the Secretary. All you have to do to access the latest issue is to visit our website http://armscollectorsguild.com at regular intervals, click on News, then click on Very Light which will take you to the latest issue. Please do not advise the Secretary that you are using the website option as that will be assumed if you haven’t told us that you want to receive a mailed copy.

This method of distribution does not apply to Caps & Flints which will continue to be mailed out in the usual fashion.

So please help us in this attempt to cut mail costs but be sure to advise the Secretary if you still want a printed copy mailed to you.

(The next couple of Very Light issues will be mailed in the regular fashion so as to give all members a chance to catch up with this change in the distribution method)


New Computer, Software, Printer and Database

The Guild’s computer which has been in service since 2008 is beginning to show signs of its age. Accordingly the committee decided that a new computer should be built for us. By having one built we save money and also are able to have any problems associated with the transfer of the existing Guild files to it sorted out at the same time. The committee also decided that the acquisition of the new computer would also be an appropriate time to replace the inkjet printer we have also had since 2008 which also is showing signs of its age.

The acquisition of the new computer came at a time when the Guild needed to replace our current software package Windows XP with the new Windows 10 software. This became necessary because Microsoft have advised that they will no longer be supporting Windows XP so the move to Windows 10 is essential in order to have continued update support for our operating software.

Finally as part of the upgrades we have had a new membership data base designed to replace the Tracker system we have been using since the middle 1990s. While Tracker is in itself a good system the new data base which we had designed to expressly suit our needs is simpler and therefore does the fairly basic jobs we require of it much quicker.


Monday Night Themes for 2016

25 April – Australian Military Arms & Accoutrements (This is Major Noel Hall Award night).

30 May - 19th Century – Arms & Militaria (This is Major Noel Hall Award night).

27 June - 20th Century - Arms & Militaria (This is Major Noel Hall Award night).

25 July Annual General Meeting and presentation of display awards

29 August – General buy and sell night.

26 September - Blades & Staves – Swords, knives, bayonets, spears, lances and pole arms. (This is Major Noel Hall Award night).

31 October - General un-themed display night with buy & sell

28 November - Vintagers Display Night – Theme to be announced.


For Sale

SPIKA gun safe for sale, two doors. Gun and ammunition compartments. External measurements 1500mm by 389mm by 360mm. Keys and floor bolts.

All as new - $259 ono.

Contact Lois on 9703 2213.


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