Very Light Magazine is a magazine of The Antique & Historical Arms Collectors Guild of Victoria, Inc                                                                     No 77 September 2015

Guild Committee 2015 – 2016

At the Annual General Meeting held on the 28th of July the committee was elected.

President, Ian Turner, Secretary, Dr Malcolm McKay, Treasurer, Kevin Saunders; Editor, David Kitchen; Committee Members; Dr. Ben Thomas, Chris Cosopodiotis, Graham Waddingham, Peter Ruse, Winston Chandler, Adrian Roads, Vincent & Kevin McLauchlan.

The President presented the winners of the Major Noel Hall Award with their prizes. The entries in the award displays have been of a consistent high standard and we hope that the award will continue to attract fine entries.

1st. Place and a prize of $500.00, Clyde Barden

2nd Place and a prize of $300, Eric Estlin

3rd. Place and a prize of $100.00, Vincent & Kevin McLauchlan

Monday Night Themes for 2015 and 2016


31 AugustBuy and sell night, books, parts, bits and pieces (firearms excepted). Members who are licensed dealers and have the necessary Dealer’s Display Permit for the venue are allowed to sell firearms.

28 SeptemberMilitaria (This is Major Noel Hall Award night).

26 OctoberGeneral unthemed display night with buy and sell.

30 NovemberCombined Guild/Vintagers night. (Theme to be advised)


26 January - Talk & display by Stuart Duff from Police Historical Society on Victoria Police. A supper will be served.

29 February - Percussion Arms (This is Major Noel Hall Award night).

28 March - Flintlock Arms (This is Major Noel Hall Award night).

25 April – Australian Military Arms & Accoutrements (This is Major Noel Hall Award night).

30 May - 19th Century – Arms & Militaria (This is Major Noel Hall Award night).

27 June - 20th Century - Arms & Militaria (This is Major Noel Hall Award night).

25 July Annual General Meeting and presentation of display awards

29 August – General buy and sell night.

26 September - Blades & Staves – Swords, knives, bayonets, spears, lances and pole arms. (This is Major Noel Hall Award night).

31 October - General un-themed display night with buy & sell

28 November - Vintagers Display Night – Theme to be announced.


Display Security

A gentle reminder to members who present displays that all registerable pistols and longarms held on the various licences are required to be secured while on display even in a locked display case.

A plastic cable tie or trigger lock which locks the action is sufficient if they are displayed in a locked case, while if the arms are displayed on the table a cable tie or trigger lock and security cable holding them to the table are required. The Guild has a supply of the security cables and their locks which are available on request. Plastic cable ties can be purchased cheaply at most hardware stores.


Research Information Needed

Adrian Roads is researching a rare type of percussion musket used by the British in the late 1830s to late 1840s, officially known as the "Musket, Rank and File, for Foot Guards" and usually called the "Pattern 1838 Musket". They are distinguished by being fitted with a back action percussion lock. If anyone has an example of one of these would you please contact Adrian to receive a questionnaire?

You can contact Adrian Roads on 0417 772 535 or by email  adrian@stonehenge.com.au

Vale Bob Higham

It is with sadness that we advise our members of the death of Bob Higham. Bob joined the Guild in 1966 and had been a staunch member for all that time. He had a large and remarkably diverse collection – a great many items from which he would regularly display at the Guild’s Monday meetings. The Guild offers its condolences to his family.

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