Very Light Magazine is a magazine of The Antique & Historical Arms Collectors Guild of Victoria, Inc                                                                              No 75 April 2015

The Guild Needs a New Treasurer

This request was run in the last issue of Very Light and we are unhappy to say that there was no response whatsoever.

The current treasurer Tim Parker is retiring this year and therefore the Guild is in need of someone with accounting, bookkeeping or similar suitable skills to take over this vital role. Frankly it is disheartening that given our large membership there was not one single person who felt interested enough in their club’s activities to volunteer for the job. It is not a position that demands full time work – the day-to-day work like receiving and paying the regular monthly accounts is done by the Secretary. While the receipt and banking of our annual subscription plus any payments by new members during the year is also done by the Secretary and volunteers.

The Guild functions smoothly because there are a very small number of people who put in the effort to ensure that necessary jobs are done – without those people members would quickly discover they didn’t have a club at all. So if there is anyone who cares enough about the Guild’s activities to volunteer for the position they are asked to contact the Secretary on 9584 2907 or email cupfire1@ozemail.com.au for further details of the requirements of the position.


Monday Night Themes for 2015

27 AprilRevolvers and multi-shot firearms (This is Major Noel Hall Award night).

25 MayAustralian Police Arms & Accoutrements- Colonial to Present (This is Major Noel Hall Award night).

29 JuneBayonets (This is Major Noel Hall Award night).

27 July - Annual General Meeting. A supper will be served.

31 AugustBuy and sell night, books, parts, bits and pieces (firearms excepted). Members who are licensed dealers and have the necessary Dealer’s Display Permit for the venue are allowed to sell firearms.

28 SeptemberMilitaria (This is Major Noel Hall Award night).
Monday Night Themes for 2015 (continued)

26 OctoberGeneral unthemed display night with buy and sell.

30 NovemberCombined Guild/Vintagers night. (Theme to be advised)


Storage Requirements

The Guild reminds our members that the storage requirements for people holding firearms under the various collectors’ licences are set out in the Firearms Act and that they are a mandatory requirement. A very small number of collectors have been inspected by the police and found to be not meeting these requirements and accordingly have had their firearms impounded or been given notice to bring their storage security up to the level required. So please ensure that you adhere to what the Firearms Act requires.

Articles for Caps & Flints

With the long-awaited resumption of publication of Caps & Flints members are reminded that for it to continue articles are needed.

Once again this is a matter where for many years a very small, and now diminishing, number of Guild members have put in the effort to write articles on items in their collections or the research they have done. So to be absolutely clear it does no good complaining if you miss the magazine because it cannot be published if no one is prepared to write articles for it.


Item for Sale


28 Bore; 12 inch Barrel with standard GR proofs to breech. Lock marked TOWER, GR Royal Cypher (King George III) and fitted with a reinforced cock and integral pan. Mellow finish to brass regulation furniture, good profiles and clear markings. Soft grey patina to barrel, lock and fittings. Good original full stock complete with rod and attached belt hook. Attached is a seal of The British Antique Dealers Association, Ltd. “Certified for Customs Purposes only over 100 years old” (this seal was required many years ago to enable export from the UK).                

Very good condition and working order, $4,400.

For further information please email Eric Estlin ewestlin@bigpond.net.au or ring 0410558067.

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