Very Light Magazine is a magazine of The Antique & Historical Arms Collectors Guild of Victoria, Inc                                                                     No 68 November 2013

Monday Night Themes for 2013/2014



November 25 - Combined Guild/Vintagers night, Damascus Delights.

A supper will be served. (This is not a Major Noel Hall Award night)

Members who have items registered to an Antique Handgun Collectors Licence do not need a permit to display these. Collectors Display Permits do not apply to items held under A & B licences. However, such items must not be possessed, carried, used or displayed other than in accordance with any licence conditions and the Firearms Act. If you have any further questions then contact the Guild Secretary on (03) 9854 2907.




January 27 - Talk (topic to be announced) and a supper will be provided.

February 24 - Pocket Pistols and Deringers. (Noel Hall Award night).

March 31Naval and Nautical. (Noel Hall Award night).

April 28Australian Armed Forces - from the colonial period to the present day. (Noel Hall Award night).

May 26Ammunition, cartridges, caps, primers, reloading tools and projectiles. (Noel Hall Award night).

June 30Accoutrements, uniforms, helmets, medals, cartridge boxes, buttons and badges. (Noel Hall Award night).

July 28 – Annual General Meeting, Display nights awards presentation. A supper will be served.
August 25Books, parts, odds and ends, anything except firearms . (This is not a Noel Hall Award night.)

29 SeptemberEdged Weapons, swords, knives, bayonets, daggers, pole arms, axes, etc. (Noel Hall Award night).

27 October General unthemed night plus buy and sell. This is not a Noel Hall Award night.

24 November - Combined Guild/Vintagers night. Theme to be announced and a supper will be served. (This is not a Major Noel Hall Award night)

We remind members that even if you cannot display something that is part of a night’s theme we always welcome displays of interesting items. It is simply rather silly complaining if displays are uninteresting if you have items which could be displayed and which would add variety to our Monday night meetings.


Membership Renewals

There are still some tardy members who have not renewed their subscriptions. Please do so promptly as by now you must be aware that for collecting purposes as defined by the various Acts you must be a current member. The Secretary will be sending out reminder letters in due course but it will save the Guild postage costs if members pay their subscriptions of their own volition rather than waiting for a reminder.

To which I might add that those people who paid their subscriptions by paying direct to our account using the internet facilities and failed to send their card back to the Guild for validation should do so now as this will also save the Guild extra postage costs.



We remind our members that the various firearms licences are issued with conditions that require appropriate secure storage of licensable firearms. Under the Firearms Act the police carry out random inspections of licence holders storage conditions. If any members are uncertain as to what the storage and security conditions are for items held under the Antique Handguns Collectors Licence or the Category 1 and Category 2 Collectors Licences then these are available by accessing our website at http://armscollectorsguild.com/index.htm and opening the Join option where they are listed on the Form E. If you have any further questions then contact the Guild Secretary on (03) 9584 2907.

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