Very Light Magazine is a magazine of The Antique & Historical Arms Collectors Guild of Victoria, Inc.                                                                              No 66 June 2013

The Annual General Meeting of the Guild will be held at 8.00 PM on Monday the 29th of July 2013 at the Eley Park Community Centre, Eley Rd., Blackburn South, Victoria.

                                     (Supper will be served after the meeting)

Any notice of motions and nominations for committee positions must be in the hands of the Secretary seven days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting. All Committee positions will be declared vacant and nominations are called for the position (s) of President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Editor of Caps & Flints, Media Officer and five other officers.

Ordinary Business (as required by Rule 9 (4) of the Guilds Rules):

  • To confirm the minutes of the last preceding annual general meeting and of any general meeting held since that meeting;


  • To receive from the Committee reports upon the transactions of the Guild during the last preceding financial year;
  • To elect officers of the Guild; and


  • To receive and consider the statement submitted by the Guild in accordance with section 30 (3) of the Act;
  • To appoint an Auditor.


The annual General Meeting may also transact special business of which notice is given in accordance with the Guild’s Rules.

Please do attend the AGM (and enjoy the supper). We need a quorum of 20 members which means we need you to come along!

After the AGM we will announce the results of the Major Noel Hall Award. This has been very successful and has resulted in really excellent displays. Our grateful thanks to all those who participated. We have all enjoyed these evenings.


Monday Night Themes for 2013

July 29 - Annual General Meeting. This will include the presentation to the winner of the Major Noel Hall Award and a supper will be provided.

August 26Buy and sell night, all types of arms and paraphernalia except registered firearms (this is not a Noel Hall display night).

September 30Combination Arms and Militaria, including unusual arms (Noel Hall Award night).

October 28 - A general unthemed display night and buy and sell (this is not a Noel Hall display night).

November 28 - Combined Guild/Vintagers night. Theme to be announced and a supper will be served. (This is not a Major Noel Hall Award night)

Membership Renewals

You are reminded that the renewals were sent out in May so please make sure you renew your membership by the 30th of June.


For Sale

Mr. Ian Atwood has the following bayonets and spears for sale –


1. Enfield .303 M.L.E. Pat. 88 Mk2 (no scabbard) $290.00
2. Pat. 07 British Wilkinson (with scabbard) $180.00
3. U.S. Springfield Trapdoor (with scabbard) $450.00
4. Socket Bayonet Pattern 1842 Salter (no scabbard) $400.00
5. 1887 Martini-Henry, Indian Parade (with scabbard) $600.00
6. 1859 British Boarding Cutlass No. 368 (bayonet catch removed, with scabbard) Solingen,
7. Martini-Henry Yataghan (with scabbard) $700.00
8. Reproduction U.S. .58 cal. Zouave Yataghan (with scabbard) $100.00


9. 10 inch gum leaf type iron point, iron cap rear, brown wood, 88 inch shaft.
10. 6 ½ inch shovel nose iron point, iron cap rear, brown wood, 68 inch shaft.
11. 16 inch iron arrow head point with decorative beaten haft, weighted iron rear, black wood, 45 inch shaft.

Contact Ian on (03) 5447 8606

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