Very Light Magazine is a magazine of The Antique & Historical Arms Collectors Guild of Victoria, Inc.                                                                              No 59 May 2012

Monday Themes for 2012

The following are the dates and themes for the Monday night meetings in 2012.

May 28Ancient weapons and pre 1800 arms and armor, this is a Major Noel Hall Award night.

June 25Artillery and big bore arms, this is a Major Noel Hall Award night.

July 30Annual General Meeting. This will include the presentation to the winner of the Major Noel Hall Award and a supper will be provided.

Aug. 27Buy and sell night, books, parts, odds and sods, anything except registered firearms. (This is not a Major Noel Hall Award night).

Sept 24Colonial Australia, convicts, bushrangers, gold rush etc., this is a Major Noel Hall Award night.

Oct 29 – A talk – the subject to be announced.

Nov26Combined Guild/Vintagers night. Theme to be announced and a supper will be served. (This is not a Major Noel Hall Award night)

Firearm Licences –Proposal to move to on-line “Smart Forms”.

Victoria Police – Licensing & Regulation Division (LRD) is intending to move the application process for grant or renewal of firearms licences on-line using “smart forms” which automatically adjust to collect only the information relevant to the licence required. For those who cannot access a computer connected to the internet. We understand it will still be possible to get hard-copy application forms by asking for one. LRD believe this new system should reduce errors and make the application process easier, and cost them less.

When a licence is due for renewal LRD will, as now, write to the applicant and ask him or her to go on-line and complete the on-line form. When the on-line form is completed the applicant will simple send it like an email by pressing Send. The applicant will receive an on-line acknowledgement within 24 hours of the completed form being received by LRD.

While the existing confirmation of the accuracy of the applicant’s list of existing registered firearms will still be required, this will, we understand, still be sent by post to the applicant and returned by post, not on-line.

As regards the provision of copies of club memberships, letters of permission to hunt and hunting licences etc., needed to prove the applicant’s entitlement to the licence applied for, the applicant will have to attend at a Service Provider for these to be copied and sent to LRD, and will at the same time pay the licence fee. The service provider will not keep copies of documents, we understand, and will return the originals immediately after copying, which will take place while the applicant is present. The identity of the service provider(s) is not yet settled.

While the above is just a sketch of the proposed new system and the detail is not yet in-place, LRD are, it appeared to us, attempting to take account of some of the problems applicants may face, such as no computer skills, no computer or on-line connection etc or a remote service provider, and are considering what options to provide in such cases. This system is still some distance from being completed and we expect there will be further opportunities to discuss concerns with LRD.


16 June -                                   MILITARY EXTRAVAGANZA

Ukrainian House, 3 – 11 Russell Street, Essendon, Melways Ref., Map 28, G4
Doors Open 10 AM to 4 PM

Featuring all periods of uniforms, hats, helmets, equipment photos, postcards, medals, badges, knives, daggers, swords, antique firearms, and collectibles books, etc. etc.

Entry $7.00 per person, $5.00 Pensioners, Children under 15 accompanied by an adult free.

Contact Garry McDonald, EK Militaria, 25 Russell St, Essendon (03) 9370 9924


7 – 8 July               71st MELBOURNE ARMS & MILITARIA FAIR

Melbourne Showgrounds, enter from Langs Road

Arms and militaria, hunting equipment and clothing, camping equipment, books, prints etc.

2 great door prizes – the latest .22LR Rifle/Scope package or a 5 rifle safe .

For bookings and information contact Jeff and Jill Pannan
 Email - blackjck@bigpond.net.au
Or 03-9848-2233: Mob 0412561243 Fax: 03-9848-3158


14 – 15 July               23rd EUREKA ARMS & MILITARIA FAIR

Wendouree Sports and Events Centre, Norman St,. Ballarat (off Creswick Rd.)

                                          120+ tables, displays, living history.

Entry $8.00 Adults, $12.00 Family, $7.00 Pensioners and Seniors, Accompanied children under 16 free. Free entry if wearing a military uniform.

For more information contact (03) 5342 4433 during business hours

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