Very Light Magazine is a magazine of The Antique & Historical Arms Collectors Guild of Victoria, Inc.                                                                                                No 54 May 2011

Review of Control of Weapons Act 1990- Exemptions

In the last issue of Very Light we advised you that the Department of Justice (DoJ) had released first drafts of exemptions issued under the Control of Weapons Act and relating to swords, daggers, crossbows and skein dhus for comments by the various clubs, individuals and groups affected.

The Guild wrote to Members of Parliament, the Police Minister and the DoJ with detailed comments and requests for changes as there were several proposals which deeply concerned us, and others too, it turned out.

We are now pleased to report that after recent discussions with the Department of Justice the most important of our concerns will apparently be addressed, although of course not all. Nevertheless, this outcome is likely to be a considerable improvement on the original DoJ position. We wait the detailed re-drafting. We will keep members informed.

The Major Noel Hall Award

To honour the memory of Major Noel Hall the Committee has instituted the Major Noel Hall Award for displays presented at the Monday night meetings which is now under way. The award will be $500.

Judging and Award Procedure

The themes for displays are notified in advance in Very Light. This is to enable all members thinking of putting on a display to have ample preparation time.

The judging arrangements are quite simple and consist of two parts:-

1. Displays are judged on the night and an ongoing cumulative record is kept of results. Each night we have appointed a different person to be that night’s judge (See below).

2. At the AGM the Guild member with the highest number of points accumulated over the previous 12 months will be presented with the award. In the event of a tie the prize will be divided amongst the winners.

Points System

Judging will be done on each night by a person or persons appointed by the President, or in his absence by a Committee Member, with the caveat that a judge cannot also be someone who has presented a display on that night. Every display is awarded a number of points on the following basis –

5 points for a display that falls within the theme for the night.

3 points for providing a display that does not fit the theme.

2 points for providing the best display of the evening.

At present we have approximately seven to nine display nights per annum and this would allow a fair range of competition from all members who are interested in taking part. The Guild will maintain a record of points won and at each meeting an updated list will be displayed so participants can check their progress. The judges’ decision will be final and no discussion will be entered into.

Themes for 2011

The following are the themes and dates for the Monday night meetings in 2011.

May 30 – Swords and edged weapons (a supper will be provided)

Jun. 27 – Airguns and pistols, poachers’ guns and cane guns.

Jul. 25 – Annual General Meeting and presentation of the Major Noel Hall Award (supper provided).

Aug. 29 – Buy and sell night (books, spares, arms bric-a-brac etc., (Note ammunition and registerable firearms can only be offered for sale by a suitably licensed dealer). This is not a Major Noel Hall Trophy night.

Sept. 26 Colts and Remingtons

Oct. 31 – James Rosier and other Melbourne dealer marked arms. This is not a Major Noel Hall Trophy night.

There will also be talk given by Committee member Dr Ben Thomas on James Rosier.

Nov. 28 - Combined Vintagers/Guild Night – Classic English, Scottish and Irish Sporting guns and rifles and accessories (supper provided). This is not a Major Noel Hall Trophy night.

Please note that even though we have set themes for certain nights we encourage members who have something of interest which may not be related to the particular item to bring it or them along. Likewise, we also encourage members to bring along items for sale as this adds variety (ammunition and registerable firearms can only be offered for sale by a suitably licensed dealer).



Thanks to Volunteers

The committee would like to thank all those members who stay behind to help clear up the hall and put away tables and chairs. Setting up the hall and clearing up afterwards is essential to making sure that our members can enjoy our regular Monday meetings, and as many of us are not getting any younger moving heavy tables and chairs can be rather a strain.

Of course, we would also like to thank Monica, Phillip and James Abela for their great and invaluable contributions to every meeting and for helping in all sorts of ways.


Prompt Payment of Membership Dues

Included with this Very Light is your annual renewal. We urge you to pay this promptly as under the Firearms Act we are required by law to advise LSD within 7 days when a member ceases to be a member and we mention for those of you who have Collectors Licences or swords current membership of an approved organization is a condition of the licence/permission. If there are any changes to your circumstances as detailed in the declaration sent to you last year as per our requirements under the Firearms Act please let us know when you return your annual subscription.

Book Review

We have received a copy of List of Changes .303 Inch Lewis Machine Gun by Kevin Driscoll. This will be of great use to our members interested in the Lewis gun. It is an extensive well-researched work and may be ordered from the author by contacting him at Milpubs, PO Box 53, Beechwood NSW, 2446 or via his website www.milpubs.com.au

Upcoming Shows

July 9 - Ballarat Arms and Militaria Fair to be held at the Wendouree Sports and Events Centre, Norman St, Ballarat. For table bookings contact Nic Smith on (03)5342 4433 during business hours.

July 23 and 24 – 68th Melbourne Arms & Militaria Fair, Melbourne Showgrounds. For table bookings and details contact Jeff and Jill Pannan (03) 9848 2233, Mob. 0412 561 243, Fax. (03) 9848 3158 and email blackjack@bigpond.net.au 

October 22 and 24 – 69th Melbourne Arms & Militaria Fair, Melbourne Showgrounds. For table bookings and details contact Jeff and Jill Pannan (03) 9848 2233, Mob. 0412 561 243, Fax. (03) 9848 3158 and email blackjack@bigpond.net.au


For Sale

David Sandground of Victoria Arms is offering for sale a collection of antique and modern firearms in very fine condition. This is a very extensive collection which comprises flintlock, percussion, early cartridge pistols right through to the WW1 and WW2 eras. Included are cased duellers and cased English and American revolvers as well as other pistols; many varieties of Lugers, Mausers, Colts and other revolvers, as well as a wide selection of semi-automatic pistols.

Full descriptions are available on request. Please make initial enquiries to David Sandground.

Victorian Arms, T. (03) 9328 1480, F. (03) 9328 5266, email david@viccityarms.com.au .

Go to the website where a full catalogue with photos is available - www.viccityarms.com.au

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