No.48 - February 2010

Monday Themes for 2010

For the next 3 meetings of 2010 the following themes are announced –

  • 29th March - Wild West Night, Colts, Winchesters etc. - whatever is Wild West.
  • 26th April – Semi-automatic Pistols
  • 31st May - Engraved Firearms and Weapons.

    Monday Night Displays

    We encourage those members who are individually named in the Guild’s Current Display Permit (24th July 2009 to 17th July 2014) (or who hold their own applicable display permit) to take the opportunity to make use of it. It covers all the firearms held on the Collectors Licence(s) the member listed. We set out the Guild’s Display Permit conditions below.

    Members who have items registered to an Antique Handgun Collectors Licence do not need a permit to display these, so to increase the variety at our Monday nights why not bring some of them along. Collectors Display Permits do not apply to items held under A & B licences. However, such items must not be possessed, carried or used other than in accordance with any licence conditions and the Firearms Act.

    Display Permits are not required for displays of Exempt Firearms, such as pre 1900 manufactured single barrelled muzzle-loading pistols, or pre 1900 manufactured longarms (which are either muzzle-loading or take ammunition which is no longer commercially available).

    Of course, Guild Displays are not limited to firearms. There is always a lot of interest in displays of militaria, edged weapons, items relating to wars or battles involving Australians and other historical matters of interest to members.

    Meeting with Licensing Services (LSD) about Antique Handgun Collectors Licence Renewals.

    The President and Secretary of the Guild met Supt. Wayne Ashley and two of his staff, Trent Brickle and Mark Grasso, on the 22nd of January 2010 to discuss Guild concerns in connection with the renewal of certain Antique Handgun Collectors Licences (AHCLs).

    While most AHCLs were for 5 year, a few were only for 3 years and some of these 3 year licences have already begun to expire. The Guild's concern was that some members who have an AHCL and also a reasonably recent Category 1 or 2 Collectors Licence needed to consider whether to renew their AHCL or allow it to lapse and rely instead on their category 1 or 2 Collectors licence covering them (although on somewhat more restrictive terms). More recent Category 1 or 2 AHCLs also extend to AHCL handguns, but older ones do not.

    The Guild wanted to make sure that members holding both an AHCL and a category 1 or 2 Collectors licence which also covered AHCL handguns and who were asked by Licensing Services whether they wanted to renew their expiring AHCL were given all the information they needed to make that decision.

    In the event, LSD told us that following our initial contact with them in December they had been sending out letters explaining the position to all those whose AHCL was expiring and who also held a category 1 or 2 Collectors licence which also covered AHCL handguns.

    LSD also told us that they intended that AHCLs will soon carry photographs and also that existing current paper AHCLs will be replaced by this new form of photograph-bearing licence.

    We then discussed with LSD the uncertainly about the registration of AHCL handguns to AHCLs (as distinct from category 1 and 2 licences), something which did not appear to the Guild to be occurring at the moment.

    LSD told the Guild that the system of registration was soon to be changed to improve the position (although details of this were a bit vague). However LSD said that after the 11th February 2010 it would be possible to get from LSD a full list of firearms held, including all those held on an AHCL.

    The Guild was also told that the forms of application or renewal for firearms licences were to be simplified so that they are shorter and easier to follow, something which is good news.

    Finally, we discussed with LSD the confusion which currently applies Australia-wide to the management of imitation firearms. This subject will, we were told, be on the agenda for the next meeting of police ministers. It was acknowledged that is a difficult issue.

    The meeting was helpful and frank and we appreciate the willingness of LSD to meet and discuss these issues.

    Issue of Registration Certificates for Pistols Registered to the AHCL

    We have been advised by LSD that -

    1. Holders of a current Antique Handgun Collectors Licence will soon be receiving a letter requesting that they attend a photo point to have their photo taken so that they may be issued with a plastic licence. They will receive a data card issued for a nil fee to facilitate this process.

    2. Antique Handgun Collector licence holders who were issued a renewal application in December and notified LSD in writing that they wished to 'roll-up' their Antique Handgun licence with either their Category 1 or 2 licence will soon be sent a letter and a new firearms list confirming that their antique handguns have been transferred to either their Category 1or 2 licence and their antique handgun licence is now closed.

    3. Collectors can now obtain Registration Certificates for their Antique Handguns in their collection. Requests for Registration certificates must be made in writing to LSD via:

    EMAIL: licensingservices@police.vic.gov.au ; or

    FAX: (03) 9247 6485 with ‘ATTN LIP TEAM – OSA’ as the header; or
    POST: GPO Box 2807, Melbourne VIC 3001

    Licence Renewals and Permits to Acquire

    Just a reminder that all you need to do to have the Guild sign them as the Act requires, is send them with the information required by Registry to the Guild at PO Box 2976, Cheltenham, 3192. Enclose a stamped addressed envelope to Registry and we will sign it and send it on for you. Remember that your PTA needs to include the following – details of the firearm being purchased, the licence number on which it is being purchased and your collecting theme.

    Assistant Editor of Caps & Flints Needed

    The editorship of our magazine Caps & Flints is, like all other Guild activities, carried out by volunteers and if someone leaves or for various reasons is unable to continue in the role then sometimes finding a replacement takes time and delays can occur. In the case of our magazine this delay can mean many months often years between issues. To avoid such an occurrence the Guild is looking for a volunteer or volunteers to take on the role of Assistant Editor and work with the current Editor.
    As a modern organization we value our capacity to continue important functions of which the Editor's job is one, so it is imperative that we have a plan in place to ensure the continuity of our magazine.

    The committee therefore invites any member with an interest in desktop publishing as an adjunct to their antique arms collecting and study interests to take on the role of Assistant Editor. More than one would be ideal to more broadly distribute the considerable expertise necessary to produce Caps & Flints. The Guild will provide industry compatible software and "startup" guidance for interested members. Please give this request your earnest consideration.

    Caps & Flints

    As ever your magazine is in need of articles and notes on things of interest to arms collectors – if you feel a rush of authorship coming on contact our editor Barry Thomas via the Guild Office on 9584 2907.

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