No.51 - August 2010

Monday Themes for 2010

For the remainder of 2010 the following themes are announced –

August 30 – Guns of the Empire

September 27 – Single-shot percussion and other exempt firearms

October 25 – Derringers and duelers

November 29 – Combined Vintagers/Guild Night – Classic English, Scottish and Irish Sporting guns and rifles and accessories. (Supper provided)

Guild Annual General Meeting

At the Annual General Meeting held on the 26th of July the committee was elected.

President, Ian Turner, Vice-President, Dr. Ben Thomas, Secretary, Dr Malcolm McKay, Asst. Secretary, Steve Tuck; Treasurer, Tim Parker; Editor, Barry Thomas; Committee Members; Chris Cosopodiotis, Graham Waddingham, Kevin Saunders, Peter Ruse, Winston Chandler, and Adrian Roads.

Amendments to the Control of Weapons Act

The Guild has received the following from the Department of Justice. It concerns proposed amendments to the Control of Weapons Act and also proposed changes to the Firearms Act. The Guild has met with the Department and also made detailed written submissions concerning these proposed changes, as have others, but it would appear that the official mind was effectively already made up.

"As you may be aware, in March 2010, the premier of Victoria announced that tough new search powers would be given to police to crack down on weapons related violence, and that children under the age of 18 would be banned from buying weapons.

The Victorian Government recently introduced two Bills into Parliament to amend the Control of Weapons Act 1990 (the Weapons Act): the Control of Weapons Amendment Bill 2010 and the Firearms and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2010. The proposed amendments to the Weapons Act may affect your organisation.

Control of Weapons Amendment Bill 2010

The Weapons Act will be amended to make it illegal for a child under the age of 18 to buy a prohibited weapon or a controlled weapon, including any type of knife. If a child purchases a prohibited weapon, they will face a fine of up to $2,986. If a child buys a controlled weapon, an on-the-spot fine $239 may be imposed or they could face court and a fine of $1,433.

It will also be an offence for a person to sell a prohibited weapon or a controlled weapon to a child under the age of 18. If a person sells a prohibited weapon to a child they may face a fine of $28,668 or imprisonment for up to 2 years. The penalty for knowingly selling a controlled weapon to a child will be a fine up to $2,389.

Under the new laws, a child under 18 who has a Chief Commissioner’s approval or is covered by a Governor in Council (GIC) exemption issued under the Weapons Act will be able to lawfully use, carry or possess a prohibited weapon, and to participate in lawful recreational activities such as re-enactment activities. However a responsible adult will need to purchase any weapon the child may need. If the weapon being purchased is prohibited, the adult will require the appropriate approval or exemption under the Weapons Act.

There will also be changes pertaining to Governor in Council (GIC) exemptions under section 8B of the Weapons Act. Importantly, the GIC will retain the power to issue exemptions to classes of persons from the restrictions applying to prohibited weapons such as swords. However, under the new laws, an exemption may be subject to a condition that the exemption does not apply to a member of an exempted club or organisation until that person has been a member for a specified period of up to 6 months. In addition, the GIC will be able to grant an exemption for a specified period and vary or revoke an exemption.

The Department is currently reviewing the existing GIC exemptions and the conditions to be placed on such exemptions in the future. The Department hopes to consult affected groups on these conditions in September-October 2010. It is further anticipated that the exemptions will be reissued in March 2011.

The Control of Weapons Amendment Bill has been passed by Parliament. The new offences prohibiting controlled weapons being purchased by or being sold to children under 18 will be proclaimed to commence on 1 January 2011. All other amendments, including offences prohibiting prohibited weapons being purchased by or sold to children under 18, are expected to be proclaimed to commence on or around 22 August. We invite you to visit the Department’s website at justice.vic.gov.au/weapons where information on the commencement dates will be posted on the site as it becomes available, along with general information about the changes.

Firearms and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2010 – imitation firearms

The Firearms and Other Acts Amendment Bill will remove the regulation of imitation firearms from the Firearms Act 1996 and place it in the Weapons Act. Imitation firearms will classed as prohibited weapons. This means that a person will only be able to use and possess an imitation firearm if they have sought and obtained an approval from the Chief Commissioner of Police, or if they are eligible for a GIC exemption as a member of an exempted club or organisation. The aim is to provide a sufficient degree of regulatory control while ensuring that the regulatory system does not impose an unreasonable burden on imitation firearm users.

An 'imitation firearm' will be defined in the Weapons Act as a device, the appearance of which could reasonably be mistaken for that of an operable firearm, but which is not designed or adapted to discharge shot or bullet or other missile. This definition will encompass imitation longarms and imitation handguns (including imitation pistols). However it is not intended to capture replica firearms or toy guns. Replica firearms will be regulated under the Firearms Act 1996. Toy guns are not currently subject to regulation, provided they are clearly distinguishable as a toy. Generally a toy is distinguishable as such, if it is a bright colour or has a part or parts in a bright colour and therefore would not be mistaken for an imitation or replica firearm.

The Bill is still under consideration by Parliament. Pending the Bill’s passage through Parliament, a commencement date for these amendments will be announced shortly and relevant clubs will be advised of the transition process and relevant dates as soon as possible."

Steve Everett’s Great Cartridge Sale

Sunday 12th. September 2010
Goornong Memorial Hall
8am – 4pm

Great Range of Metallic’s, Pkts of Shooting Ammo and Shot Shells
Tea, Coffee, Sausages and Hamburgers available, cook your own BBQ.

Request for Information – Early Japanese Breech Loading Rifles

One of our members, Alan Harris has been contacted by Keith Doyon of www.antiquemilitaryrifles.com who would like to hear from anyone who has access to, or information on early pre- Murata Japanese breech loading rifles. If anyone has any information to share contact Keith on his website.

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