No.41 - September 2008

Display permits. Applications made by the Guild on behalf of members.

The Guild is pleased to announce that considerable progress has been made in conjunction with Licensing Services on the wording of the application for Club Display Permits and the permits themselves. While the Guild will pay a small fee, these permits will be free of charge to members who have requested in writing that their name and licences be included in the permit which is granted, (and have provided that information to the Guild in sufficient time for the Guild to include it in the Guild's application).

We have attached a form which current members can use. If you want to be included, fill in the form and include your full name and address and the full numbers of your collectors licences. If you have more than one collectors licence, include both numbers. You do not need to include the number of your Antique Handgun Collectors Licence (if you have one) as display permits are not needed for pistols registered under an Antique Handgun Collectors Licence. But they are needed for the display of any guns (whether handguns or long arms) held under Category 1 or Category 2 collectors licences.

If granted, the permit will permit those named in it to display at the club premises at Eley Park on club display nights the guns they hold under the category 1 or category 2 Collectors Licences they had listed (so long as the licences remain current and they remain members of the Guild) for the currency of the permit, which may be a year or longer, depending on the outcome of our negotiations.

Note that we do not yet know all the terms of the permit which will apply to the Guild itself or to those whose names and collectors licence(s) are listed in any permit. When we do know and the permit has been granted, we will of course notify those members who have requested that they be included in the permit what those conditions are.

This is an excellent opportunity to obtain a display permit applicable to Guild meetings at Ely Park and it is free of charge to members. Apply now, so you can be included in the application. We have to make a group application so individuals need to apply NOW. Complete the form and post to the Guild at the address shown. (Only correctly completed forms which are actually received by the Guild will be acted on. Details of the permit if and when obtained will be posted to you at the address you have given in the form. Wait till you get it before displaying under it!).

Display Night, Monday the 29th of September 2008

"Arms, equipment and other items relating to World War Two”.

We have deliberately chosen a broad theme so that most members will have something that they can display. We apologise for the short notice but we do hope that members will bring something along. Remember: if it interests you, it will interest others. Please do take part. (This will commence at the usual time)

Display Night, Monday the 24th of November 2008

In conjunction with our friends The Vintagers, the Guild will present a display the theme of which is -

“Single shot, magazine and double rifles, including accessories and accoutrements”.

This should be the outstanding event of the year if last year is any guide. Don’t miss it and do take part!

(This will commence at 7:30 pm. set up from 6:30 pm and a supper will be served)

The Guild announces a Special Offer for new members obtaining application forms at the 24th November Display Night and applying to join by the end of 2008 - no joining fee is payable!

Members are encouraged to bring friends or family members along to take advantage of this offer which saves the $50 joining fee. (THIS OFFER EXPIRES DEC.31 2008)

Some Things to Note Regarding Displays

1: display permits are only required for firearms held under (registered to) a Category 1 or category 2 Collectors licence. What matters is the licence under which the firearm is registered. Accordingly, for example, if a SMLE is registered to an A. and B Licence a display permit is not required. However, if the same rifle was registered to a Category 1 Collectors Licence then a display permit will be required. (Of course, any class of firearm may only be possessed carried or used etc., in accordance with the applicable licence under which it is registered).

2: other than rare special display nights, of which the forthcoming Guild/Vintagers Display night on Monday the 24th of November 2008 is one, members may display other things which are outside the theme of the display, if they want to, and also buy and sell in the usual way.

3: the Firearms Act 1996 (Vic) does not apply to longarms (the relevant example of which was itself) manufactured before 1900 if either they do not take cartridge ammunition, or, if they do take cartridge ammunition, it is not commercially available. (There is some doubt about what ‘commercially available’ means).

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