No.39 - May 2008

Firearms Regulations 2008 -Proposed Fee Increases

After receiving 221 submissions from the public, including extensive submissions by both the Guild and HACCA (which can be read on the Guild’s website), as well as Vintagers, the Victorian Government has abandoned its ridiculous and crippling fee increases (See Very Light 38) in favour of a 2.5% increase in fee charges across the board (except for the fee payable to Dealers who act as agent on transfers of firearms, which has increased to $25). The Guild would like to record its thanks to the Firearms Advisory Committee and, once again, to our good friend, Bill Sykes, MP, as well as his colleagues in the National/Liberal coalition, including Messrs Dalla-Riva, Koch and Vogels, who took on the Government in Parliament on behalf of dealers, shooters and firearms owners. A special mention should also be made of the efforts of the CFCV, the Shooting Sports Council, the Firearms Dealers Association and many other firearm related organisations, too numerous to mention. A great success.

Guild Visit to the Light Horse Museum

Approximately two dozen Guild members and guests partook in the Guilds annual excursion – this one to the Australian Light Horse & Field Artillery Museum - on Saturday, 5th April. After members had pored over the varied collections & displays Bernie Dingle, the Curator, conducted us on an in depth guided tour of the exhibits. Bernie himself exhibited a considerable knowledge of his subjects to his very interested & attentive audience. All members declared that they had had a very interesting an educational day & were full of praise for the impressive collections. Although the turnout was well below that expected from a membership of many hundreds the Guild intends to organise another excursion next year, location & details to be announced.


The committee draws our members’ attention to the efforts being made to restore the historic monitor HMVS Cerberus, which is currently serving as a breakwater at Half Moon Bay. We urge you to visit their website http://www.cerberus.com.au/ or write to them at:

Friends of the Cerberus Inc.
PO Box 1231
Blackburn North VIC 3130.

Prompt Payment of Membership Dues

Included with this Very Light is your annual renewal. We urge you to pay this promptly as under the changes to the Firearms Act we are required by law to advise LSD within 7 days when a member becomes nonfinancial as for those of you who have Collectors Licences current membership of an approved organization is a condition of the licence.

Caps & Flints Articles

Our magazine needs articles so if you have any interesting items in your collection or research that you would like to see bought to the attention of your fellow members please write an article about it. The Editor may be contacted on barry.thomas@hotmail.com or through the Guild office on (03) 9584 2907.

For Sale

Winchester Model 1886 rifle 38.56 cal. Special order with 28 inch barrel and extra finish grade walnut stock with most of the original lacquer remaining and minor bruising. Very good bore while the barrel and magazine have approx. 70 – 75% blue turning plum colour. The receiver has about 10% blue, with the balance turning plum colour. Very good profiles, barrel address and markings. Fine condition. Rather unique and hard to find. Obsolete calibre, manufactured in 1895. No licence required. $6000.00 ONO or may trade percussion or flint.

Enquire: Roger 03 9763 6681 or mob. 0401 222 267.

For Sale

1. Lee mould 457-405-F. (including handles)
2. Old pair of small mould handles
3. Pair of large Lee mould handles
4. RCBS bullet mould 45-300-F. N. plus CBS top punch 85600 number 600 and CBS bullet size die 82236 number 457
5. CBS top punch 85530 number 530
6. CBS bullet size die 82208 number 284
7. CBS top punch 8555 number 550
8. Lyman lube nose die marked 438
9. Lyman lube nose die marked 415
10. Lyman 450 lubricator 287 die and 348 nose die
11. Boxed, unused James Dixon Britannia oil bottle, made for Parker Hale
12. Boxed, unused James Dixon Britannia cap box, made for Parker Hale
13. Boxed, unused James Dixon leather covered copper powder flask of rifle type, made for Parker Hale.
14. Bartram & Co Dolphins powder flask graduated from 2 1/2 drams to 2 drams. Original.
15. Two brass oil bottles, probably 303 Enfield.
16. Brass shotgun type powder flask with hunting scene (modern made).
17. RCBS bullet mould 7 mm-145-SIL
18. RCBS bullet mould 28-168-FN
19. Lyman bullet mould 287346 217

Enquire: Ian (03) 9736 2244.

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