No.40 - June 2008

Notice convening Annual General Meeting of Antique and Historical Arms Collectors Guild of Victoria, Incorporated (Number A31993D) (the “Guild”)

The Annual General Meeting of the Guild will be held at 8.00 PM on Monday the 28th of July 2008 at the Eley Park Community Centre, Eley Rd., Blackburn South, Victoria. (Supper will be served after the meeting)

Any notice of motions and nominations for committee positions must be in the hands of the Secretary seven days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting. All Committee positions will be declared vacant and nominations are called for the position (s) of President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Editor of Caps & Flints, Media Officer and five other officers.

Ordinary Business (as required by Rule 9 (4) of the Guilds Rules):

  • To confirm the minutes of the last preceding annual general meeting and of any general meeting held since that meeting;
  • To receive from the Committee reports upon the transactions of the Guild during the last preceding financial year;
  • To elect officers of the Guild; and
  • To receive and consider the statement submitted by the Guild in accordance with section 30 (3) of the Act;
  • To appoint an Auditor.

  • The annual General Meeting may also transact special business of which notice is given in accordance with the Guild’s Rules.

    Collectors Licences

    Last year the Act was amended with the intent of simplifying and reducing the number of licences required. It appears that this will mean that the highest category of collectors licence held will include all lower classes of licensable collectors’ firearms which had previously required a separate licence. So, for example, if you hold a Category 2 Licence this should mean that you will not also require a Category 1 Licence or an Antique Handgun Collectors Licence. Similarly a Category 1 licence will cover pre-1900 antique pistols that require registration. However, we need to see how the Registry approach this before we can be sure that it works as we believe is intended, and that the fee payable for a new combined collectors licence is not greater that the fee for the highest licence.

    This provision is to come into effect on the 1st of September regardless of any further action by Registry to enable its implementation. We are advised by Registry that they will be writing to all licensed collectors regarding the matter to explain the changes. We wait with interest to see what they say.

    Display Permits

    As part of our task to bring more life to our Monday meetings we enclose copies of the Victorian application forms for Collectors Display Permits (one for licensable collectors firearms and the other for cartridge collections) for the use of members who wish to present displays The cost for the life of a permit is, we believe, $25.90. A Display Permit can cover a number of dates and also a number of venues. We will be talking to the Registry about how best to approach this so we suggest if you want to apply (and we very much hope you will) you first speak to Dr Malcolm McKay, the Guild’s Secretary (03 9584 2907).

    Note that Firearm Display Permits only apply to firearms held on Category 1 or 2 Collectors Licences, and do not apply to the display of handguns held on Antique Handgun Collectors licences. Display Permits do not apply to longarms held on Cat. A or B licences.

    Forthcoming Events

    August 26th – Buy and Sell Night.

    November 24th – Combined display with the Vintagers of single shot, magazine and double rifles including accessories and accoutrements. A supper will be served. This should be a really good night if last year’s stunning display was a guide. Setting up from 6.30pm.

    Note all nights are buy and sell nights even if a theme is specified, except of course the AGM.

    For Sale

    1. PINFIRE REVOLVER, Belgian, 6 shot 7mm., better than average quality manufacture with ebony grips, folding trigger, complete with loading gate & clearing rod, silver grey patina GWO & cond. $295

    2. COLT 1849 POCKET MODEL REVOLVER,31 cal. serial no. 56332 ,mismatched trigger guard, made 1853, frame & cylinder pitted one side, silver grey patina, GWO ,cond. fair +, sleeper found in Vic. goldfields. $690.

    3. COLT NO 3 THUER MODEL DERINGER, 41 cal, serial no. 34636, English proof, 90% nickel to frame, 80% blue to barrel, ex. grips, GWO, this is a little gem. $1250

    All of the above items require a collectors licence.

    Also have a reproduction Parker Hale 1853 model 3 band percussion rifle 577 cal., in as new condition for sale $700.

    Enquiries to Lee Blair-Jenke, Regimentals Antiques. Phone (08) 8552 8179 for any of the above items.

    Caps & Flints Articles

    Our magazine needs articles so if you have any interesting items in your collection or research that you would like to see bought to the attention of your fellow members please write an article about it. The Editor may be contacted on barry.thomas@hotmail.com or through the Guild office on (03) 9584 2907.

    Prompt Payment of Membership Dues

    We urge you to pay promptly as under the changes to the Firearms Act we are now required by law to advise LSD within 7 days when a member surrendered his or her membership or has had his or her membership suspended or cancelled. It is also a condition of a Collectors Licence that the licence-holder must be and remain for the term of the licence a current member of an approved firearm collecting organization. As a holder of any category of fireams licence you are yourself also obliged by law to tell Registry if there is any change to any reason for which the licence was issued, such as ceasing to be a member of an approved collectors organisation.


    The committee draws our members’ attention to the efforts being made to restore the historic monitor HMVS Cerberus, which is currently serving as a breakwater at Half Moon Bay. We urge you to visit their website http://www.cerberus.com.au/ or write to them at:

    Friends of the Cerberus Inc.,
    PO Box 1231
    Blackburn North VIC 3130.

    © Copyright 2005 The Antique and Historical Arms Collectors Guild of Victoria. All rights reserved.