No.37 - January 2008

The Guild is pleased to announce two outings for members, as follows:

Invitation from The Vintagers to Guild Members to attend their side-by-side shoot at Frankston Australian Clay Target Club on the 3rd February.

Following the very successful double gun display night held last October by the Guild in conjunction with the Vintagers, the Vintagers have very kindly extended an invitation to Guild members to attend their side-by-side gun clay shoot to be held on Sunday the 3rd of February, 2008 commencing at 11.00 am.

It will be held at the Frankston Australian Clay Target Club, Inc. Rossiter Road, Carrum Downs (Melway reference map 98 C9.

25 Target High Tower "Overhead Outgoing" (simulating a fast Flinders Street Station feral pigeon) and 25 Target 5 Stand "Driven Incoming" (5 incoming targets per stand; 1 single barrel then 2 pairs, simulating big fat wood ducks coming into a dam). Side-by-side guns only.

As the Vintagers' invitation says -

"Deliberations, opinions, and preferences have been continually expressed as to the merits of propellants and the prime object, theme. The purpose of this shoot is to decide once and for all 'which is the superior powder, black or nitro'. In order to provide a balanced analysis and comprehensive findings, our Treasurer, Greg P. Menzies, will be orchestrating the event, and has undertaken to provide an unquestionable result, unless of course, a considerable amount of money changes hand on the day which could well impact on the data."

The Guild highly recommends this event to members, and mentions that although a Cat. A licence and use of a side by side shotgun is required, it is happily not at all necessary to be a good shot in order to have a great day!

Please note

  • that the host club's canteen will be in operation
  • in accordance with the host club's ruling, both ear and eye protection is strongly recommended whilst present at the firing point or trap area
  • please, no alcohol until after the shoot and the firearms/ammunition have been locked away
  • there will be ample stocks of Eley 2" (24 gram) nitro cartridges on sale.
  • Those wishing to shoot black powder will be unable to shoot until 12 noon so as to observe the host club's noise abatement program.

  • Annual Excursion Day

    "Light Horse & Field Artillery Museum" Saturday 5th April, 2008

    One of the most requested events in the survey we did of members interest was an excursion day.

    Our first excursion will be a visit to the "Light Horse & Field Artillery Museum". Some of you may have seen it, many will not.

    This is a private museum, owned, operated & funded by the Dingle family, that has been running successfully for approximately 20 years and it has gained much in the way of official recognition for its professional management, efficient upkeep & impressive layout etc. While focused on horse drawn transport vehicles of WWI, of which it has several very rare examples amongst its many well displayed vehicles, one will also find many other fascinating subjects, a few of which are:

    Captured "Trophy" guns from WWI: a collection of Australian Colonial & Boer War items: a special "Lawrence of Arabia" display incorporating Middle Eastern items going back to the Crusader period: and a collection of heavy machine guns, longarms, handguns and edged weapons and sections on medical, catering, signals and pack transportation spanning WWI to WWII.

    We will car pool & drive from Melbourne & will spend approx 3 to 4 hours at the Museum. Please bring either a packed lunch or something to pop on the BBQ. Complimentary tea & coffee is available on site as well as BBQ facilities.

    For our rural members who would like to meet us there - please let us know you are coming so we know how many people to expect, the more the merrier.

    Location: Light Horse & Field Artillery Museum.
    200 Bessie Creek Road, Nar Nar Goon. Melways Ref: 319 D2
    Date: Saturday 5th April, 2008.

    Car Pool Depot: Arrive at 9.30 am for 10.00am sharp departure.
    Eley Park Community Centre
    Eley Rd, Blackburn. Melways ref: 61 H5

    Arrive at Destination: Approx 11.00am
    Expected return: Back at Eley Park at approx 3.30pm

    Museum Entry Fee: $8.00 (all of which goes on museum restoration & acquisition)

    Note: We will arrange the car pool at Eley Park in the morning. Please pay your driver an appropriate amount to cover fuel, $5.00 per head is probably about right. The alternative was an $18.00 per head bus hire fee.

    Organizer details: Adrian Roads (H) 9397 1002 (Mob) 0418 322 770

    (email) adrian@stonehengegroup.com.au

    These may not be exactly your own areas of collecting and study interest, but we urge you to come along anyway, have some fun and make the day a success for all. The museum has many projects "on the go", from preserving and finding a secure space for many "homeless" public honor boards to restoring a rare 1880s breech loading cannon - a constant shortage of funds makes such projects a long and drawn out affair. What a pleasure it will be to have all those years of effort acknowledged and appreciated and contributed to by fellow collectors.

    It is now in your hands, so please, don't miss out.

    Although this is a Guild event family members and guests will be most welcome.

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