No.38 - February 2008

* Additional supplement concerning proposed licence fee increases here *

* Click here to read the final outcome to these proposed fee changes *

A Request from the Nominated Officers - please enclose stamped address envelopes.

With forms sent to the Guild for signature, please would members include a stamped addressed envelope to either LSD, or, if return to the member is required, to the member. This will help cut mail costs incurred by the Guild. We remind you that the quickest way to get a PTA or Licence Application signed by a Nominated Officer is to post it to the Guild with the attached paperwork for LSD, including a stamped addressed envelope as requested, and we will sign it and post it on to LSD.

Caps & Flints

Our magazine needs articles so if you have any interesting items in your collection or research that you would like to see bought to the attention of your fellow members please write an article about it.

The Editor may be contacted on barry.thomas@hotmail.com or through the Guild office on (03) 9584 2907.

Emailing Very Light etc.

The Committee is eager to cut costs in all aspects of our administration. One simple way of doing this is to email to members the latest edition of Very Light and other items of correspondence. Also, we sometimes get last minute advice of events and open days which would be of interest to many members. Often these come too late to advertise via the post so if we have your email address for this purpose we can extent a new service to our members.

If you are willing to have your copy of Very Light and other suitable communications (not of course Caps & Flints) sent by email rather than posted, please email your name and email address to the Guild at info@armscollectorsguild.com

Calendar of Guild Monday Meetings Themes and Events 2008

  • Buy and Sell Night 25th February Meeting

  • Theme: Militaria, (but not limited to militaria). Most members have heaps of arms- and militaria- related items which they no longer need and this is intended to be a suitable occasion for swapping them, or selling them to other members with similar interests. We hope this will be a popular night, so first in, best dressed. Those who normally bring items, books etc., to sell should of course come as usual. It is, as usual, the responsibility of the members doing the buying and selling to comply with the law, not the Guild

    Other Special Dates are -

  • 31st March - Video Night

  • 5th April, Saturday - Annual Excursion

    Light Horse and Field Museum, 200 Bessie Creek Road, Nar Nar Goon. Melways Ref: 319 D2. Car Pool Depot: Arrive at 9.30 am for 10.00am sharp departure. Eley Park Community Centre Eley Rd, Blackburn, Arrive at Destination: Approx 11.00am. Expected return: Back at Eley Park at approx 3.30pm. Museum Entry Fee: $8.00 (all of which goes on museum restoration & acquisition). Note:We will arrange the car pool at Eley Park in the morning. Please pay your driver an appropriate amount to cover fuel, $5.00 per head is probably about right.

    Organizer details: Adrian Roads (H) 9397 1002 (Mob) 0418 322 770 (email) adrian@stonehengegroup.com.au
    (See Very Light Number 37 January 2008 for further details)

  • 28th April - Video Night

  • 26th May - Bayonets and Military Swords display night.

  • 28th July - Guild AGM

  • 24th November - display night (details to be announced) with supper

  • Later in the year we will announce any further special events or suggested themes for the regular Monday nights and, as usual, we encourage members to bring items of interest along for display and to continue bringing items for sale.

    Firearms Amendment Act 2007 (which will amend The Firearms Act 1996)

    The amendments to be made by this Act are not yet in force (as at 7th February 2008).

    (Details of these amendments had been outlined in previous Very Lights).

    Vintagers Shoot held on the 3rd February at Frankston Clay Target Club

    Our thanks to Vintagers for their kind invitation to Guild members to attend this shoot. There was an excellent turn out and a lot of Guild members were present - although most of them were already members of Vintagers - which demonstrated how successful Vintagers have been in attracting all those interested in shooting their side by side shot guns. A good time was had by all and there was a strong black powder contingent present, judging by the amount of smoke! The Guild is hopeful that later this year Vintagers will again join with the Guild to put on a joint display.

    Thank You from Our President

    Ian Turner thanks the many members who have offered, and in some cases given, him back issues of Caps & Flints. He is sorry he has not managed to contact everyone personally.

    Militaria Fair

    There will be a militaria fair on Saturday the 29th of March from 10am to 5pm, Ukrainian House, 3 - 11 Russell Street, Essendon.

    Contact Garry McDonald, EK Militaria, (03) 9370 9924 if you wish to book a table.

    Forthcoming March Gun Show; and May Auction

    See the advertisements in the accompanying Caps & Flints for these events.


    ~ A call for your interest & help! ~

    Dear members, "what's this?" I hear you mutter yet again - yes that's right the Guild is asking for your help. Well, actually it is so you can help yourself, so to speak! read on.....

    Everyone has seen some item of historic interest, pertaining to our hobby, in the public domain. It might be a unique dusty and stained picture, with cracked glass, hanging high in an old hall, depicting some early military men proudly wearing their volunteer uniforms. Perhaps you notice a cannon in your neighborhood park that you walk past every morning, one of those 64-pr rifled muzzle loaders dating from the 1860s and yet still mounted in a rare original carriage - badly in need of preservation. Or maybe you recall an early Colonial sword of uncertain provenance, but with an interesting inscription which warrants researching, rusting away quietly in a cabinet of an R.S.L. room which you visited once.

    If you are a collector who has thought, "I'd love to be able to restore that" then we would really love to hear from you. The Guild, in response to keen interest from its members, wants to assist to get some of these restoration/preservation projects up & running.

    If you think you have such a project and you are prepared to be the main driving force behind the project, but you want help from the Guild's committee and members, then please fill out the accompanying form.

    The Committee will help facilitate viable projects and will advertise them to the general membership to obtain help from like-minded members. That does not mean that the Guild will fund the project, but having the Guild represent your project will make the obtaining of funds and assistance more viable. Successful projects will of course benefit the Guild through public relations and will benefit the broader community through the preservation of its historical artifact.

    It is now up to you, do you have the drive to follow such a task as this through, all you have to do is fill out the accompanying form to get the ball rolling......

    With thanks - Adrian Roads, Committee Member.

    For those wishing to obtain a copy of the restoration project form, and who have not received a printed copy of this Very Light, please email the Guild at info@armscollectorsguild.com, and a printable PDF version of the form will be emailed to you.

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