No.42 - December 2008

Monday Night Themes

26th January 2009 – Buy and sell PLUS first chance to display under the Guild’s New Display Permit (Permit only applies to the members and licenses actually listed in it. The relevant members included in the Guild Permit will have been notified by post. See further details below.)

23rd February 2009 – American Civil War Display Night. This ought to be very popular.

30th March 2009 – Buy and Sell- and another chance to display!

The Guild has obtained its Display Permit!

The Guild has obtained a display permit on behalf of only those members (“included members”) who requested they be included in writing and provided us with their collectors licence(s) details in time. It does not apply to Ammunition Collectors Licences, Firearms Dealers Licences or A & B Licences and does not include displays of ammunition so if you had asked for any of these to be included in the permit, they are not.

This permit is only valid for displays by included members themselves under their Collectors licence(s) listed in the Permit at the Monday night meetings at Eley Park and expires on the 16th July 2009. Each included member has been advised in writing by the secretary and has received a copy of the permit and the applicable terms and conditions, which must be adhered to.

NOTE. Display permits are not required for handguns held under Antique Handgun Collectors Licenses or longarms held under A & B licenses (subject to the terms of the license, of course) or exempt Firearms (eg original pre 1900 single shot muzzle loading percussion or flintlock handguns, original pre 1900 muzzle loading longarms, or original pre 1900 breach loading longarms for which ammunition is not commercially available).

Displays for sale of firearms which are not Exempt under the Act require a dealer’s licence.

Members themselves and not the Guild or its Committee are responsible for compliance with the law, including in relation to displays and security requirements.

If you are in any doubt about whether you are included in the Guild Permit or not, or about whether or not you need a permit to display particular firearms or about any other details including security requirements PLEASE check in advance with The Guild’s secretary, Dr Malcolm McKay on 9584 2907.

Firearms Appeals Committee

The Firearms Appeals Committee (FAC) is an independent body created by government to hear appeals against decisions made by the police or registry in regard to alleged firearms offences or infractions. We have been advised that the numbers of appeals made to it have been decreasing in recent years and we, like other firearm owners organizations, are concerned that the government may see the lack of appeals as an excuse to dispense with this important avenue for firearms owners who may feel that they have been treated unjustly. If you feel you have a legitimate reason to dispute a police decision in regard to matters affecting your ownership of firearms then please do consider the FAC as an avenue of appeal. It only costs $30.00 and its decisions are binding on the police.

Joint Dinner Guild/Vintagers

We have been discussing with our friends the Vintagers their suggestion that Vintagers and the Guild hold a joint dinner for their respective members (and their own guests), and our committee thinks this is an excellent idea. No arrangements have been made yet but the two clubs are expecting a likely cost per head of $55 (to be paid in advance), excluding drinks, and are considering Merrimu at Chadstone which Vintagers have been to in the past. A possible date is Friday, 6th March 2009. We stress no arrangements have yet been made but we would be grateful if members would let us know whether they like the idea and would like to come, subject to finalising the date, arrangements and cost. It is also hoped that each club will provide a speaker on a subject likely to be of interest to members and guests.

Guild Saves Historic Arms Handed in During Weapons Amnesty

During October of 2008 there was an amnesty proclaimed on dangerous weapons in order that they could be handed in to police stations. The Guild approached Registry requesting that any items of historic importance be preserved rather than destroyed. We are pleased to note that two Colt percussion revolvers and some swords were identified and placed in museums.

Resumption of Federal Government Shooting Sports & Firearms Advisory Council

The Howard Government established the Shooting Sports & Firearms Advisory Council (SSFAC) in 2003 to enable it to seek the views of the various firearms owners’ organizations in regard to proposals by the federal government regarding matters affecting firearms. Following the election of the Rudd Government in 2007 the organizations had been pressing the government to retain this important council. Collecting organizations are represented at the SSFAC by the Historic Arms Collectors Council of Australasia (HACCA).

We are pleased to announce that the first meeting of the SSFAC under the Rudd Government was held in Canberra on the 1st of December, and that the government has agreed to keep the council in existence. Currently the delegate to the SSFAC representing collectors is the Guild Secretary Dr Malcolm McKay who is the President of HACCA.


~ Don’t miss this! ~

Our 2008 excursion was to the “Light Horse & Field Artillery Museum” and a great time was had by those that attended. The 2009 visit is to Fort Queenscliff Museum, a much larger museum with a broader range of exhibits. The Guild has enjoyed a long affiliation with this particular museum & is proud to support what is perhaps the only museum in Victoria to display small arms viewable to the general public.

Our visit will comprise a guided tour of the Forts gun emplacements & historic buildings culminating in a viewing of their museum. Unless you have visited quite recently you will find it quite changed as it enjoys an active, dedicated & enthusiastic management & curatorial team. While focused on the role of the Fort it covers the colonial to quite modern periods & boasts an array of artillery, uniforms, small arms & militaria & opportunities exist for members to help identify items which may fall within their specialist areas.

Once again we will car pool & drive from Melbourne & will spend approx 2 to 3 hours there & I expect that many of our rural members will drive direct - please see details below & let me know you are coming so we know how many people to expect, the more the merrier, guests & family are most welcome.

Location: Fort Queenscliff

Kings Street, Queenscliff. Melways Ref: 500 J1
Date: Saturday 4th April, 2009.
Museum Entry Fee: $10.00
Car Pool Depot: Arrive at 9.15 am for 9.30am sharp departure.
Spotswood-Kingsville R.S.L.
35 Mary Street, Spotswood. Melways Ref: 41 J12
(Just over the West Gate Bridge)

Please don’t forget to offer your driver a voluntary donation towards the cost of fuel; approx $5.00 per head is probably about right.
Arrive at Destination: Arrive at 10.45am for an 11.00am guided tour.
Fort Queenscliff is a functioning Govt facility so we will meet at the main entrance to be conducted through by our allocated tour guide.

RSVP: For logistical purposes please advise of your intended attendance ASAP to Adrian Roads:

Phone & fax: (03) 9397 1002 (leave message)
Mobile: 0418 322 770
Email: adrian@stonehengegroup.com.au

Numbers at the last excursion could be improved upon so I strongly urge you to come along, indulge your hobby, have some fun, and make the day a success for all. It is now in you hands, so please, don’t miss out - contact me with your RSVP ASAP. With thanks - Adrian Roads, Committee Member.

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