No.34 - June 2007

Notice convening Annual General Meeting of Antique and Historical

Arms Collectors Guild of Victoria, Incorporated (Number A31993D)

The Annual General Meeting of the Guild will be held at 8.00 PM on Monday the 30th of July at the Eley Park Community Centre, Eley Rd., Blackburn South, Victoria. Papers relating to this are enclosed (Supper will be served after the meeting).

Any notice of motions and nominations for committee positions must be in the hands of the Secretary seven days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting. All Committee positions will be declared vacant and nominations are called for the position (s) of President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Liaison Officer and six other Committee members.

However, if the Special Resolution detailed in the attachment is passed then, when it is registered with the Registrar of Incorporated Associations, the person elected as Liaison Officer will thereupon become instead the Guild's Media Officer and Editor of Caps & Flints will become a Committee position. However, the number of Committee Positions will not change.

2007 Firearms Discussion Paper

In April another Firearms Discussion Paper was released for comment by the Government. It contained several matters of interest to collectors.

1. The Act may be amended to provide that firearms collectors who hold a Category 2 licence are not required to continue to hold a Category 1 Collectors Licence or Antique Handgun Collectors Licence if they wish to collect firearms regulated under these licence types. Therefore, if the changes are made, a Category 2 licence holder will be permitted to possess or carry, for the purpose of collecting - longarms of any manufacture date, handguns manufactured prior to 1900 that currently require registration; handguns manufactured between 1/1/1900 and 31/12/1946; and handguns manufactured after 1/1/1947.

In the same way a Category 1 Licence would, if the changes are made, cover all longarms; pistols manufactured between 1/1/1900 and 31/12/1946; and pistols manufactured prior to 1900 that require registration.

This is something that we have been strenuously arguing for since the Act was amended in 2003 and if it occurs will be a major benefit for us especially if, as we hope, the licence cost is to be pegged to whatever is the cost of the highest licence.

2. If the changes are passed, people who wish to obtain an Antique Handgun Collectors Licence (AHCL) will no longer need to have been a member of an approved collecting organization for 6 months prior to apply for the licence. They could then apply immediately they are accepted by the approved collecting organization. This would hopefully, encourage more people to become collectors.

3. It is proposed that pistols manufactured prior to 1900 that accept modern commercially available ammunition be covered by the Category 1 licence rather than being covered by the AHCL. This would remove an anomaly in the Act which places modern handguns in the looser security requirements of the AHCL. We had been arguing for this so that there is a clear demarcation between antique and modern pistols.

Australia Post

On Friday the 15th of June a meeting between representatives of the firearms owners' organizations (all of whom are members of the federal Shooting Sports and Firearms Advisory Committee) Australia Post (AP), the Federal Attorney General's Department, Customs and QANTAS was held at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Sydney. The Guild Secretary as President of HACCA attended the meeting. The meeting had been instigated by Senator Helen Coonan who is the Minister responsible for AP to seek solutions to overcome the continuing impasse created by Australia Post's refusal to accept firearms and firearms parts for export by international airmail.


On 26/3/2007 the National Dealers and Traders Association, HACCA, SSAA and Pistol Australia were asked to represent the firearms owners at a meeting with KPMG who had been commissioned by AP to prepare a report on firearms exports from Australia. Since that meeting there had been much correspondence amongst the various parties concerning the results of the discussion. About 3 weeks ago after persistent requests from the four organizations who attended that meeting we obtained a copy of the KPMG report to AP. It contained a number of inaccuracies and we felt that any attempt by AP to use it as a basis for any proposed method creating a new procedure for the international posting of firearms and firearms parts would flawed.

AP had offered several conflicting explanations for their imposition of the ban in January of 2006 and because of this we had also asked that AP release full details of their reasons for it. This correspondence was presented at the Friday meeting.

Results of the Meeting

The firearms owners' organizations were persistent in arguing that the inaccuracies contained in the KPMG report meant that there could be no proper resolution of the matter if that report was given credence. As a result Australia Post agreed to discard the KPMG report and to work with the firearms owners' organizations, Qantas, the Federal Attorney General's Department and Customs to create a workable and cost effective method by which the matter would be resolved.

A working group consisting of; Pistol Australia, The National Dealers and Traders Association, SSAA, Australia Post, QANTAS, Customs and the Federal Attorney General's Department has been set up to create a system which meets the concerns of all parties and to provide the means whereby the export of firearms and firearms parts can be resumed using either international airmail or other ways which will overcome the increased costs created by having to do this through consigned freight. In the interim AP will lift the ban on items posted by sea mail.

Further Discussions with Government

Your Guild continues to press collectors' issues with the government and the President will be meeting with the Chairman of the Firearms Consultative Committee in July to further press matters of concern to us.


The 18th Eureka Collectable Militaria Fair

Ballarat Arms & Militaria Collectors Society will be holding a fair on the 14th of July at the Woolshed Exhibition Centre, Western Highway Ballarat from 10am to 6pm.

Contact: Nick Smith on (03) 5342 4433, Fax (03) 5342 4410 or baamcs@vic.chariot.net.au

Militaria Fair

There will be militaria fair on the 28th of July, from 10am to 5pm, Ukrainian House, 3 - 11 Russell Street, Essendon.

Contact: Garry McDonald, EK Militaria, (03) 9370 9924

60th Melbourne Arms & Militaria Fair

As you will have been already aware from the flyer included with the last issue of Caps & Flints Cheryl and Roly Martyn are back in the show business and will be presenting an Arms & Militaria Fair on the 8th of September at the Westgate Sports and Leisure Centre, Cnr. Grieve Parade and Dohertys Rd Altona North from 10am to 6pm.

Contact: Cheryl or Roly Martyn on (03) 9848 7951 or 0428 543 377

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