No.35 - August 2007


Double-Barrel Guns

The Guild in conjunction with the Vintagers will host a display of double-barrel guns and rifles on Monday the 29th of October starting at 7.30. (Set-up from 7pm) A light supper will be served.

This is an excellent opportunity for members to participate with Vintagers in what we hope will be an outstanding display and it is also a social event, so please bring something along to display, however modest.

Note: A display permit is not required for the display (not being a display for sale) of A or B class firearms held under an A and B licence. However if the A or B firearm is held under (registered to) a Collectors Licence a display permit is required!

2007 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Guild was held on the 30th of July at Eley Park.

Special Business

As advised to all members in the last issue of Very Light two items of special business were put to the meeting. These were to offer full time students aged between 18 and 25 and living within 50 kilometres of Melbourne the same $10 p.a. membership discount, and to amend the Statement of Purposes and the Rules of the Guild in accordance with such changes as the Registrar of Incorporated Associations may require. They were passed.

Committee 2007/2008

  • PRESIDENT: Ian Turner
  • SECRETARY: Dr Malcolm McKay
  • TREASURER: Tim Parker
  • LIAISON OFFICER (becoming MEDIA OFFICER): Ben Thomas

  • OTHER OFFICERS: John Fay, Barry Thomas

  • (becoming EDITOR, CAPS AND FLINTS, now a Committee position, Barry having been editor for the last year but not a member of the Committee), and other OFFICERS being Graham Waddingham, Chris Cosopodiotis, Winston Chandler, and Adrian Roads.

    NB. The above is only a short summary and does not include all the reports. A full copy of the AGM minutes and documents is available to members on request to the secretary.

    Request for Information

    Ken Edwards is compiling a listing of Queensland Police S.M.L.E.s, matching each rifle and bayonet to its respective station, including subsequent transfers and fate. As police records are a bit vague, especially with regard to serial numbers He would be interested in hearing from any members who are willing to supply him with their weapons details. He requires manufacturer and year, serial number (inc. prefix) and QP Number. Any additional input would be appreciated.

    If anyone has any details they can give him send them to Ken Edwards, 210 Stanley Rd, Carina, QLD, 4152 or by email tenedw2@yahoo.com.au

    60th Melbourne Arms & Militaria Fair

    As you will have been already aware from the flyer included with the last issue of Caps & Flints Cheryl and Roly Martyn are back in the show business and will be presenting an Arms & Militaria Fair on the 8th of September at the Westgate Sports and Leisure Centre, Cnr. Grieve Parade and Dohertys Rd Altona North from 10am to 6pm.

    Contact: Cheryl or Roly Martyn on (03) 9848 7951 or 0428 543 377

    Australian Arms Auctions

    Australian Arms Auctions take this opportunity to give you early notice that their next auction has been extended due to fantastic vendor support & submissions. Accordingly they have included Saturday the 6th of October from 6pm as additional auction time. Their website will be updated shortly to reflect this change.

    The auction will commence on Saturday the 6th October at 6pm for approx 275 lots & follow through on Sunday morning at 10am for the balance of the auction. They look forward to presenting this auction with its eclectic mix of submissions. The catalogue will be available in late August.

    For Viewing Times Contact: Cheryl or Roly Martyn on (03) 9848 7951 or 0428 543 377

    For Sale

    Nelson Wilson is offering for sale the following longarms. Contact Nelson directly to make an offer for any of them - 9730 1819, mob. 0417 195 114, email: nelsonwilson@bigpond.com.au,licence number 458-006-71B.

    Adams 12 Gauge DB shotgun; Anciens Establishments Bayard .22 RF rifle; BSA Enfield Martini-Henry 577-450; Bonehill 12 Gauge DB Shotgun; 2 Browning Bolt-Action .22Rimfires; Chassepot Model 1890 Bolt-Action 12 Gauge Shotgun; Diana Model 18 .177 Air Rifle; Dumculin & Cie .410 DB Shotgun; Martini-Enfield .303 Rifle; SMLE .303 Rifle; Hanson 12 Gauge DB Shotgun; Harrington & Richardson 12 Gauge DB Shotgun; Langly & Smyth 12 Gauge SB Shotgun; 2 Liege United Arms 12 Gauge DB Shotguns; 2 Lithgow Bolt-Action .22RF Rifles; Mannlicher Cacarno 6.5x52mm Bolt-Action Rifle; Mauser Model 98 Turkish 8mm Bolt-Action Rifle; Milton & Son 12 Gauge SB Shotgun; Remington Model 6 22 RF Rifle; Remington Target Master .22 RF Rifle; Sportco omark 62S .22 Rifle; Stevens Favourite .25 RF Rifle; Winchester M1904 .22 RF Rifle; Winchester M1906 .22 RF Rifle; Winchester 39 .22 RF Rifle.

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