No.24 - February 2005

Increase in Membership Subscriptions

At the 2004 Annual General Meeting a motion was passed increasing the membership subscriptions by $20 per type per year.

The new fees, which come into effect from June 2005, are -

$65.00 Melbourne (50kms from GPO)

$70.00 Family

$40.00 Country Victoria/Interstate/Overseas

$55.00 Pensioners (Metropolitan)

These increases have been caused by increases in administrative costs that the Guild is incurring because of the changes to the firearms laws. The campaign to bring reform to the new firearms laws is expensive, and one which we cannot abandon because of lack of funds.

Change of Police Minister

As you are aware Mr Tim Holding has replaced Mr Andre Haermeyer as Minister for Police and Emergency Services. The Guild is continuing its poltiical lobbying for changes to the firearms laws, but the ministerial change has to some extent necessitated a restructing of our campaign.

NSW Tightens Pistol Legislation

In a decision made prior to Christmas and without consultation with collecting groups, and it appears their own Registrar as well, the NSW Government has now revised their pistol regulations so that percussion revolvers now require registration. The regulatory change was announced after Christmas.

The decision was made following pressure from the Federal Government that NSW were in breach of the COAG Agreement. Once again we see that stupidity and ignorance of antique arms has won again.

Monday Night Displays

It is very pleasant to see that despite all the turmoil we collectors have suffered in the past two years, that members are making the effort to present interesting and informative displays.


Graeme Waddingham displayed a delightful selection of Victorian era silver folding fruit knives
John Fay bought along a Civil War Whitney .36 percussion revolver with naval inspector's marks as well as a pair of binoculars.
Serge Vercion is to be commended for the consistently interesting displays of military rifles he has presented on Guild nights.


Neil Speed who has been the Editor of Caps & Flints for many years and has worked tirelessly to ensure that our magazine is interesting, informative, and well presented has advised the Guild Committee that he will be retiring at the end of June. It goes without saying that he will be badly missed. To help the new editor settle in he has agreed to stay on as an advising consultant until the end of the year. Accordingly the Committee is seeking expressions of interest from any member who would like to take on this interesting and challenging task. Please forward written responses or questions regarding the position to the Guild at PO BOX 2976, Cheltenham, 3192 for consideration.

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