No.25 - April 2005

Amnesty Extended to December 31, 2005

Following persistent efforts by the Guild to resolve the problems faced by collectors caused by the 2003 changes to the Firearms Act the Department of Justice has agreed to further extend the amnesty until the end of 2005.

In June of last year meetings between Guild representatives, ALP politicians who were supporting us and Minister Haermeyer and his staff, the Government extended the amnesty until the end of June 2005. This was done to allow discussions to take place to resolve the problems and allows perparation of amendments to the Act for submissions in the 2004 spring session of Parliament. Although one meeting did take plaec our concerns were again placed at the back of the queue.

Since then we have been pressing the Government to abide by the agreement reach in the June 2004 meeting. Constant lobbying by the Guild has seen the Government extend the amnesty until the end of 2005 so that we may meet and negotiate solutions to those matters that concern collectors.

Our discussions with the Government will raise the whole range of harsh and, in some cases, unnecessary conditions that collectors of both antique and non-antique arms have had imposed on them. These include having draconian security requirements amended including re-examination of the present ill-conceived requirements for back-to-base monitored alarms. Abandoning the deliberately destructive practice introducted by Registry of stamping serial numbers on antiques. Addressing issues like the difference in cost between Permits to Acquire (PTA) for longarms and pistols, and whether in fact there is any real need to require PTAs for antiques at all. And above all seeking to have the requirement of registering antique pistols dropped.

This has been a long fight - too long in fact. We understand that it has required more than usual patience from Guild members. In 2003 collectors had changes imposed on them without consultation and since then we have been engaged in a costly campaign which has eaten into the Guild's reserves, costs that may well continue. Throughout this fight the committee has used every opportunity to press our cause with the Government and we will continue to do so with your support.

Click here to read the official letter from the Victorian Licensing Services Division

Editor for Caps & Flints still needed

In the last issue of Very Light we asked for expressions of interest from people interested in taking on the job of editor of Caps & Flints.

We received absolutely no enquiries so again we ask is there one of our members who would like to take on this challenging job.

Please send you expressions of interest to the Secretary at PO Box 2976, Cheltenham, 3192.

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