No.19 - January 2004

Extension of Amnesty for Registration of pre-1900 Antiques and Applications for Category 2 Collector's Licences.

On the 24 December the State Government announced that parts of the firearms amnesty had been extended. The date for compliance with the requirement to register pre-1900 antiques has now been extended to September 1, 2004.

The date to comply with the requirement to obtain a Category 2 Collector's Licence for post 1/1/1947 pistols is now extended to 29 February 2004.

The announcement was published in the Herald Sun and the Age newspapers and we reproduce it here verbatim.

We also stress that the fight to have the requirement to register antique percussion pistols will continue, but unfortunately we have now become aware of a letter dated 24 December 2003 from LSB that is being circulated to collectors and we reproduce that also commencing here:

"Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is to inform you of the amnesty for firearms collectors that will commence on the 1 January 2004 and the class of monitored alarm system approved by the Chief Commissioner's delegate. Included in this letter is the "AMNESTY IN RESPECT OF CERTAIN PROVISIONS OF THE FIREARMS ACT 1996" which outlines the details of the Amnesty.

Below are the three areas of the amnesty and the section that explains monitored alarms.

Amnesty in respect of the registration of pre-1900 percussion/post-percussion handguns

An amnesty apllies to the registration of previously exempt handguns. All handguns other than pre-percussion handguns manufactued before 1900 must be registered from 1 January 2004. The amnesty to register such handguns will run until the 1 September 2004.

Amnesty in respect of the requirement for a Category 2 Firearms Collectors Licence

The amnesty includes the provision for collectors who are applying for a Category 2 Firearms Collectors Licence. You must lodge the club endorsed application to the Licensing Services Branch by no later than 29 February 2004 in order to be covered under the amnesty.

Amnesty in respect of the installation of monitored alarms

An amnesty in respect to the installation of monitored alarms will be current from 1 January 2004 until 1 September 2004. The aim of this amnesty is to allow sufficient time for collectors affected by the new requirements to arrange for the installation of an approved class of monitored alarm system in compliance with the Act.

Class of monitored alarm

From 1 January 200, the Firearms Act 1996 will require that the premises of all firearms collectors wheree more than 5 firearms are stored, be fitted with a monitored alarm of a class approved by the Chief Commissioner. Please note that this requirement does not apply to a person who possesses 15 or less category A or B longarms under a Firearms Collectors Licence and where no other firearms are stored on the premises.

The Chief Commissioner's delegate has approved an intruder alarm system connected to a 24 hour back to base monitoring centre, installed and maintained to Australian Standards (AS2201 Intruder Alarms, Part 1: Systems installed in client's premises) to be the class of monitored alarm for the purposes of the Firearms Act 1996.

Australian and Insurance Industry standards were considerations for the approval. Victorian Police are of the view that "monitored" is a more stringent word than "effective" which allows for some flexibility such as the use of a monitored alarm via dial-up to a mobile phone.

Good security is multi-faceted, of which a monitored alarm back-to-base is just on component. Collectors are encouraged to explore additional detterents to theft such as a siren, flashing lights, dialler to a nominnated mobile phone and vigilance.

Information on the amnesty can be found at http://www.police.vic.gov.au/handbuyback/. Should you have any queries, please contact the Licensing Services Branch on 1300 651 645 between the hours of 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Fridayy.

Yours sincerely

David G Dettman

Superintendent/ Manager

We also stress that with an extra eight months of Amnesty we will be vigorously continuing the fight to have the requirement to register antique percussion pistols annulled.


We also wish to advise that Neil Speed, who founded the Guild in May 1963 and has been Secretary for most of the past forty and a half years, has taken retirement as of 31 December 2003.

Neil is staying on for the time being as editor of Caps and Flints.

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