No.17 - September 2003

Dear Member

A letter has beens ent to all target shooters and collectors from Firearm Registry with are reference "Entity 501261" and a date of 17 September 2003.

From a collectors point of view this is totally misleading in its wording. Paragraph one suggests that pistols banned in target shooting are also banned in collecting. WRONG!

This impression is reinforced by the wording of the third and second last paragraphs.

FACTS: All pistols manufactured prior to 31 December 1946 regardless of barrel length, calibre, or magazine capacity are still collectable.

By the same token any pistols manufactured post 1 January 1947 are also collectable providing you have 10 ore 1947 pistols on your Category One licence.

Your existing licence will automatically become a Category One licence, but you must aply for a Category Two licence if you have post 1946 pistols in your collection and you must have 10 pistols on your Category One to be eligible for a Category Two, (start buying).

All this may confusing but slow down and read this Very Light again with a clear mind.

DO no be panicked, you have until 31 December to sort things out and it is really not all that difficult to understand.

This was a very badly worded letter from Registry particularly from a collectors point of view, so don't be panicked. If you have any doubts phone a collector friend who will also have received the letter and talk it through.

If doubt still remains, contact the Guild by letter.

Gordon Morgan
[President, AHACGV]

29 September 2003

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