The Melbourne Gun Trade, 1839-1939

Honorary Associate, Arms, with Museum Victoria, Guild Media Officer and avid collector, Ben Thomas, is seeking information relating to Melbourne's first century of gun dealerships and retailers for a future publication.

His research will extend on that undertaking by Robert Shannon in the 1960s to collate a list of known nineteenth century gun dealers and retailers, and will deal exclusively with the Melbourne trade from its first, albeit short-lived, gun dealer, John Blanch, in 1839 up until the beginning of the Second World War.

Thomas is particularly interested to receive information on ephemera associated with the industry, including details of early catalogues, trade letterheads, invoices, and advertisements, as well as examples of locally retailed firearms from less well-known dealerships.

This is yet another area that for several decades has had little or no new in-depth research undertaken, and we welcome and encourage all collectors to assist Thomas in his research.

Survey Form

A PDF survey form will be available shortly for those who may be able to offer details of items held in their collections.

All personal details will be treated as strictly private and confidential, and completed forms can be mailed directly to the author at info@armscollectorsguild.com

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