There is one key distinction that separates the serious, informed collector aside from someone who simply acquires - knowledge. Any dealer or auctioneer, whether in the world of antique arms or art and collectables more generally, will tell you that a serious collector will always have a serious reference library behind them.

While many good titles are now long out of print, there are still - and increasingly more so with new publications - a range of good books on a range of subjects pertinent to the collecting of antique arms, accessories, and militaria.

With the aim of becoming a central resource for arms collectors, this page lists some of the many titles that are available to new and more experienced collectors alike. It is by no means comprehensive, but - as it continues to expand - offers collectors a means by which to browse publications in their field of interest.

General reference books

The American guns - Colt, Winchester, Smith & Wesson

Japanese swords

Works by Ian Skennerton, and other Australian and New Zealand authors

The British Gun Trade, 1700-1900

Military, and other
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