Born to Fight

It was the purchase in 1984 of a 7.63mm Model 1896 Mauser 'Broomhandle' pistol bearing a presentation inscription that aroused Neil Speed's curiosity sufficiently to commence his research for the story behind it.

What followed was many years of patient correspondence with archives, libraries and museums in South Africa, Canda, the United Kingdom and elsewhere, in an attempt to bring together a comprehensive portrait of the main that was Major Charles Joseph Ross DSO.

After six years of research he felt that he had the beginning of an interesting story to tell and had the information transferred to computer.

The patience and endurance finally paid off and the story of Ross came into being. An incredible freak of fate brought the author into contact with a son and later the grandchildren which extended the photographic and detailed information of this work.

Ross, already mentioned in publications over more than a century, made the publishing of this book a must in order to bring all other references into context.

Neil Speed is a well-known figure amongst the membership of the Guild, being one of its original founders in 1963. He has given tirelessly to the Guild as secretary for forty years, and through his research and articles over that period. This substantial addition to Boer War literature is the accumulation of his many years of research in this field.

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