Some highlights of the Australian Arms Auction held on 1 October, 2006, Melbourne.

Lot No. 28 -
British Camera Gun. Built on a Lewis gun frame and used for training air gunners. Made by The Houghton-Butcher Mfg. Co. Ltd. London E.17. Grey finish and all complete.
Price realised $1,600.
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Lot No. 72 -
.577 cal. Snider Long Rifle. Lock marked with royal cipher V.R. and dated 1863 L.A. Co. Presentation gun with silver presentation disc enscribed National Rifle Association Prize Won by W. M. Fuller Victoria Rifles Wimbledon 1863.
Price realised $2,100.

Lot No. 77 -
Brass barrel blunderbus by Twigg of London. 1 inch muzzle and a 2 stage cannon barrel.
Price realised $4,500.
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Lot No. 109 -
12 gauge shotgun Westley-Richards Bar-in-wood crab joint double barrel. 30 inch damascus barrels with 80% finish, German silver mounted front bead. Lock work has extensive casehardening, fine scroll engraving and dolphin headed hammers. Engraved steel heel and toe plates with fine checkering at wrist and silver escutcheon plate with O'Connor crest. In Westley-Richards oak case with all accessories.
Price realised $7,800.

Lot No. 140 -
.52 cal. Hall Model 1819 breech loading flintlock rifle of the second production type. Marked T. H. Hall. H. Ferry U.S. 1834. Blue and plum patina to metal while the wood shows subdued wear for its age.
Price realised $4,000.

Lot No. 176 -
12 gauge percussion double barrel shotgun by F. R. & W. Beckhuson Oxford. 30 inch damascus barrels with wide full length rib. Hallmarked silver trigger guard with pineapple finial. Back-action locks all finely engraved with scroll and game scene with engraved trigger-guard and tang. In mahogany case with makers label and all accessories.
Price realised $5,200.

Lot No. 178 -
12 gauge cased double barrel shotgun by Henry Egg of London. 30 inch damascus barrels. Locks engraved with game bird scroll and borders, scroll engraved hammers, trigger-guard engraved with dog and birds and game scene engraved on the butt plate tang. Case has makers' label and contains all accessories.
Price realised $2,900.

Lot No. 300 -
22 bore concealed hammer percussion fowling piece by Blasius Salier of Ehingen. Barrels are 32 inches with even plum patina. Heavily embellished fine wire inlay in the pattern of vine leaves and grapes. Fine silver studs applied to the wood with a grotesque face deeply carved into the pistol grip. A particularly fine example of a European sporting gun.
Price realised $4,000.
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Lot No. 301 -
14 gauge double barrel percussion shotgun by Devisme of Paris. 28 inch damascus barrels octagonal to round with good bores and plum patina. Makers name inlaid in gold on the rib. Celtic style engraving covers locks and trigger guards.
Price realised $2,600.

Lot No. 301A -
45-100 cal. Frank Wesson No. 1 Long Range Rifle. Barrel address FRANK WESSON MFG LONG RANGE RIFLE No. 1 WORCESTER MASS. Marked PATENTED JULY 10 1877. Vernier rear peep sight, engraved action with bold scroll and vignette of a dog's head. Full case hardening on action lever and butt plate. Possibly re-stocked but still a rare piece as few as 25 were made.
Price realised $6,000.
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Lot No. 303 -
.577 Snider sporting rifle by E. M. Reilly & Co. 27 inch browned octagonal barrel. Bar action lock with 50% coverage of fine English scroll engraving.
Price realised $4,400.

Lot No. 322 -
9mm cal. cased engraved pinfire revolver by E. Lefaucheux. Scroll engraved cylinder, frame and back strap. 95% blue remaining barrel and cylinder while the frame hammer and trigger are in the white. Ebony grips with ivory base and cased in mahogany case with French style partitions and lined with burgundy velvet.
Price realised $4,800.

Lot No. 333 -
.44 cal. Colt 3rd Model Dragoon serial number 18587. Clear barrel address with thin blue grey on barrel. All markings and profiles sharp comes with a spare cylinder.
Price realised $10,000.
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Lot No. 434 -
.44-40 cal. Colt Lightning saddle ring carbine retailed by James Rosier. 95% blue remaining on barrel and receiver. Rosier number 26827 behind trigger guard.
Price realised $4,600.
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Lot No. 440 -
.50 cal. Smith Carbine. 21 5/8 inch round barrel - octagonal to rear of barrel band. Barrel has 90% blue finish while the band has turned plum; 50% case hardening colours on receiver. Action marked MANUFACTURED BY MASS CO CHICOPEE FALLS ADDRESS POULTNEY & TRIMBLE BALTIMORE U.S.A. SMITH'S PATENT JUNE 23 1857.
Price realised $2,800.

Lot No. 444A -
.400/350 cal. sidelock hammerless double rifle by John Rigby & Co. Chopper lumped barrels with horse shoe extension incorporating low set telescope sight mounts, full length file cut rib engraved in the gothic style. Standing 100 yard sight with folding 200 and 300 yard leafs. Barrels marked SPECIAL .350 BORE RIFLE & FOR SPECIAL CORDITE CARTRIDGE AND BULLET .310GNS. Comes with a new baize lined case.
Price realised $17,000.

Lot No. 447 -
.32 cal walking stick air rifle by W. Parker of London. 2 piece 37 inch barrel with wood grain painted finish. Marked W. PARKER MAKER TO HIS MAJESTY HOLBOURN LONDON 8100. In mahogany case with all accessories.
Price realised $3,800.

Lot No. 518 -
.750 cal. British India Pattern Brown Bess. Thinning finish to barrel and grey patina on lock. Marked WARRANTED & CROWN.
Price realised $3,500.

Lot No. 550 -
.303 cal. Vickers Mk II aircraft machine gun with extended cocking lever to enable cocking from cockpit. Cooling jacket is perforated for air cooling.
Price realised $6,000.

Lot No. 584 -
18 bore European flintlock horse pistol. 13 barrel with grotesque head to breech. Elaborately chiselled engraving to lock cock & frizzen. Overall soft grey patina and c. 1740.
Price realised $4,000.

Lot No. 681 -
1871 Pattern British 4th Dragoon's Troopers helmet. All brass with white horsehair plumes.
Price realised $1,600.

Lot No. 606 -
German WW1 snail drum magazine - 32 round capacity and retaining approx. 80% original finish.
Price realised $2,000.

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