Some highlights of the Australian Arms Auction held on 6 May, 2007, Melbourne.

Lot No. 94 -
Cased factory engraved 4th model Tranter percussion revolver with original J.H. Crane trade label, 120 bore, with foliate engraved frame, trigger guard, cylinder, top-strap and muzzle, 75% original blueing, with original mahogany case and complementing accessories.
Price realised $3,800.

Lot No. 141 -
British Short Land Pattern Brown Bess flintlock musket, fitted with a swan-necked cock, sharp profiles and markings, with an untouched patina to all metal fittings, all complete with swivels, ramrod and excellent replacement white buff sling, overall excellent condition, c. 1780.
Price realised $11,500.
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Lot No. 167 -
Scarce British flintlock naval boarding blunderbuss, 1 7/8" bore at muzzle, iron barrel, contoured lock plate marked 'TOWER GR CYPHER' and fitted with swan-necked cock, brass regulation naval fittings, untouched patina and a repair to lock surround behind the cock. Possibly First Fleet heritage, having come from an old Tasmanian collection.
Price realised $10,000.
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Lot No. 201 -
Extremely rare 40th Regiment, 2nd Somersetshire officer's rectangular gilt shoulder belt plate, by J. Fisher, 37 Duke St, London (c. 1824-1844 pattern). The 40th Regiment has particular significance to Australia, having had two tours of duty to the Colonies, 1824-1829 and 1852-1860. During their second tour they were involved in the Eureka Stockade uprising in Ballarat, Victoria.
Price realised $3,750.
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Lot No. 222 -
Australian colnial issue Irish Constabulary pattern boxlock percussion pistol, .650 cal, 4 1/2" barrel with good bore, r.h.s of frame marked 'TOWER 1853', while l.h.s marked with crown bettwen 'VR', iron furniture and captive ramrod, very good profiles with soft grey patina to barrel, frame and fittings. A rare colonial issue to Port Arthur Penal Colony, Tasmania.
Price realised $2,600.

Lot No. 327 -
Thompson model 1928 A1 submachine gun, .45 ACP, 10" barrel, box magazine, l.h.s marked 'U.S. MODEL 1928 A1 THOMPSON SUB MACHINE GUN CARBINE 45 AUTOMATIC CARTRIDGE FULL AUTO AND SINGLE SHOT SELECTOR, horizontal forearm with a thin blue finish to metal and good wood, no front sling eyelet or front sight.
Price realised $4,000.
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Lot No. 414 -
Scare Swiss 1906/24 commercial Luger pistol, 7.65 cal, excellent bore with sharp profiles and 80% original blue finish to side plates, excellent original chequered grips, all complete and in good working order and very good condition.
Price realised $1,900.

Lot No. 567a -
Rare N.S.W. Naval Brigade Colt 1851 percussion revolver, .36 cal, fine to good bore with one-line New York address. Back-strap engraved 'NAVAL BRIGADE N.S.W. No. 15', London proofs to cylinder and barrel, very good profiles, clear markings and cylinder scene.
Price realised $19,000.
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Lot No. 616 -
J.W. Rosier single-barrel top-lever Rook rifle, .360 cal, 26" octagonal barrel engraved 'JAMES W. ROSIER/ 66 ELIZABETH ST MELBOURNE', machine-cut top rib fitted with one standing and two folding rear leaf sights, foliate engraved lock, frame and trigger guard, chequered pistol grip and forend, missing sling eyelets.
Price realised $2,400.
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Lot No. 638 -
Webley Fosberry revolver, .455 cal, barrel marked 'P.WEBLEY & SON LONDON & BIRMINGHAM', 6-shot zig zag cylinder, with 'WEBLEY FOSBERY' stamped to top strap, good profiles and clear address and markings, patchy grey patina to barrel, frame and cylinder with a small patch of moderate pitting, good original grips with lanyard ring.
Price realised $1,800.

Lot No. 663 -
Holland & Holland cartridge magazine for approximately 500 cartridges, leather with blue felt lining, seven partions with leather lifters. Holland & Holland paper trade label (possibly a reproduction), with initials S.G.M., on lid, replacement straps, and in good aged condition.
Price realised $1,000.

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